AI-powered notifications to keep you empowered.

Staying in-the-know has never been so automated. You focus on your work, Capacity will do the rest.

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Get the knowledge you want at the frequency you need.

Just ask Capacity to keep you in the loop about the data that matters to you and your team. It will take it from there.

  • Every day

    Notifications from one of your mission critical apps on a recurring basis. For example, a daily readout of sales accepted leads.

  • Every now and then

    Notifications from one of your mission critical apps on a conditional basis. For example, an alert for when a particular prospect opens your email.

  • Anywhere you prefer

    Users will receive push notifications to their preferred communication channel when their admin sends out a broadcast.

Share your knowledge.

You’ve got expertise, and your teammates could get some good use out of it. If a question is asked and you’re the chosen expert for the associated topic, you’ll receive a notification via Expert Finder.

Know when your know-how is ready.

What if Capacity doesn’t know the answer? You’re in good shape. You can get on with your day, knowing that you’ll receive a notification to your preferred communication channel the moment an expert provides the answer.