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Employee Experience Challenges

It is important for companies to realize that they need to think beyond compensation to attract and retain key talent.

EX must start from the top, with the company’s founders and leaders. If they’re not on board, no one else will be. Company executives can help employees connect the dots around the bigger picture. When thinking of your end users, your employees are your company’s most important customers. As we reach the height of the skills gap, a positive EX will help your company hire the next generation of skilled workers to adequately face the next generation’s challenges. If you thought there was a war on talent now, just wait until you see what’s in store for the next decade.

Companies should work to retain happiness and satisfaction levels throughout the employee lifecycle. The needs of the employee will change. Career choices are no longer as static as they used to be. Why not offer flexible work days and varying career paths? Why not offer part-time work during various seasons? Why not hire more contractors and freelancers?

Another challenge is getting your employees to feel a common sense of purpose. You can do so by creating a culture that celebrates and values employee input.

Improving EX doesn’t have to be difficult. By following through with some of the suggestions above, you can take the right steps towards creating a culture that people are excited about.