Cut through the corporate noise.

Easily communicate with your team through their preferred communication channel.

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One Broadcast, every channel.

Broadcasts empower your organization’s admins to schedule and send out company or department-wide messages. Broadcasts are omnichannel, meaning that one message will be pushed to each and every user’s preferred channel—whether that’s Symphony, Slack, Microsoft Teams, SMS, or good old-fashioned email.

  • The simple way to guarantee important messages get seen

    Some of your team members like receiving announcements in their inbox. Others want everything to come through your company’s chosen chat app. Stop trying to remember which people respond to which interface, and start effectively communicating with your teams.

  • Give your team the power

    Capacity empowers your team to dictate the terms of how and where they’ll receive notifications. Each team member can decide for themself via their user preferences, and these qualified channels of communication mean your teams are sure to see whatever you need them to see.

Once, once a week, or once in a while.

Determine the optimal date and time of one-off Broadcasts to reach everyone in the org at the right time, no matter where they are. Or, easily set the frequency of any messaging that needs to go out on a regular basis.

Create. Schedule. Forget.

Throw away your sticky notes, stop bloating your calendar with reminders.

Get your mission critical messages into the pipeline and get back to business. You no longer have to worry about whether or not this or that department will hear what they absolutely need to hear. You can be sure that everyone will get the knowledge they need—exactly when they’re meant to get it.