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Attract Students

Engage Students

Retain Students

Ensure students stay the course.

Capacity enables institutions to support students with the necessary resources throughout the school year.

Illustration of a graduation cap on top of a stack of books
A Plus Grade with Confetti

Offer coaching support.

Keeping students motivated throughout the school year requires a lot of time and resources. Capacity empowers schools with AI-powered life coaches to support students as they achieve their educational goals.

“Capacity has enabled us to enable the first digital human life coaches in the United States. With these life coaches, we have begun working with and serving students 24/7/365.” 
Mark Lombardi, PhD. 
President of Maryville University
President of Maryville University, Mark Lombardi

Implement AI-driven reminders.

To prevent students from falling behind, Capacity can nudge students when their activity in the LMS is low or they have not opened their syllabus. 

Depending on if a student is identified as low or high risk for dropping out, Capacity can remind the student to log in to the LMS, review the class syllabus, and stay on track for graduation.

Use data-driven insight to intervene.

Identifying patterns in student behavior can help schools understand when they should step in to assist. 

Capacity monitors activity such as missing orientation, unopened syllabi, incomplete assignments, and falling grades. Once a threshold is crossed, the Capacity helpdesk can intelligently inform the students’ advisor to intervene when these patterns occur. 

Abstract illustration of the Capacity Analytics dashboard

Access analytics on student engagement.

Regardless if a student is over or underperforming, analytics can lead to better outcomes. With a support automation platform like Capacity, institutions can recognize the students who are excelling and encourage the students who need additional support without missing a beat. 

Our industry-standard analytics dashboard also makes it easy to track students’ most frequently asked questions, which department gets the most questions, any knowledge that needs refreshing, and more.