A support agent doing their best work with the best customer support tools.

How To Provide An Incredible Digital Customer Experience

When your company provides customer support from afar, it can be challenging to know whether you’re doing enough to boost customer engagement or providing adequate customer support. You might even be tempted to skimp on providing a great customer experience (CX) in favor of focusing on something else! But before you do, remember that CX is no longer optional: research has shown that it is a major factor in consumers’ buying decisions.

Fortunately, providing a great digital customer experience doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel. There are plenty of ways to bring smiles to your customers’ faces and keep them coming back for more — even if you aren’t there to see them in person. Read on to learn more about how to provide your customers with the best digital customer experience possible.

Give Your Customers The Tools They Need

Customers don’t want to spend all day on the phone with a call center representative. They want to be able to find the answers to their questions quickly and with as little hassle as possible. Tools like chatbots and Capacity’s Guided Conversations make it easy for customers to connect with AI-powered bots in order to rapidly pull up order details, look into policies, or receive information about a wide variety of other topics. Customers can simply engage with a chatbot on their desktop or mobile, ask an open-ended question, or select from a series of pre-programmed options—no long hold times required.

Even better? Using AI-powered bots is a great way to help your employees spend less time looking for answers on their own and more time providing great customer support. With convenience still a major factor in determining whether a customer has a good customer experience, streamlining communication to allow for the rapid retrieval of information from a chatbot is a no-brainer.

But Don’t Be Afraid to Bring in an Expert

Sometimes there’s just nothing like a little human kindness. If Capacity’s chatbot doesn’t know the answer to a customer’s question, it can connect customers to a human-in-the-loop (HITL) to provide fast and accurate answers. With expert employees available on standby, customers are guaranteed to get the answers they need on the timeline they want. By reducing the volume of questions that end up reaching human representatives, you can also reduce the time customers need to wait to speak to someone. It’s a win-win!

The best part? Chatbots are always learning. If a question gets asked to Capacity’s chatbot  and it doesn’t know the answer, HITL allows employees to update the chatbot by adding the appropriate information to the knowledge base. An AI-based system that gets smarter every time you use it? The only people having a better experience than your customers will be your employees.

Be Available 24/7

We don’t use rotary phones anymore or commute to work on horseback, so why should we stick with outdated customer support tools? With an automated, AI-based customer support system like Capacity, you can bring your team into the 21st century with maximum ease and availability. Because chatbots don’t sleep or take a vacation, they can provide customer support at night and on weekends and holidays, allowing customers to do business on their schedules around the world.

When you consider that recent studies indicate that 64% of Internet users prefer 24-hour chatbots, as well as the fact that Capacity’s chatbots can answer over 84% of customer questions without needing to reach out to human employees, you’ve got a winning combination: a highly effective and desirable tool that customers can access at their convenience. Service that’s available 24/7 is just one aspect of a great customer experience strategy.

See What’s Working—And What’s Not

It’s easy to spend all night tossing and turning, wondering what your customers think about you. Are they satisfied with your product or service? Is there something you could do to improve customer retention and boost loyalty? Wonder no more: Capacity’s customer experience tools are perfect for tracking customer satisfaction at all of the digital touchpoints in your system. The CX teams can use surveys to help measure customer satisfaction, generate customer feedback, and track (and even boost) your customers’ NPS.

By allowing you to make your survey questions as broad or as specific as you want, Capacity’s platform allows you to take a hard look at the data and see what’s working great in your business—and what might need to change. Listening to your customers and really hearing what they want from your business is a great way to make positive changes and turn one-time customers into life-long loyalists.

Make It Easy for Employees, Too

Your employees are still the ones who make your company special — and they can have a huge impact on your customer experience strategy. Using the tools mentioned above, such as chatbots and Guided Conversations, you will free up more of your employees’ time so that when they do speak with a customer, they’re not feeling rushed or overwhelmed. With tools like the CoPilot Console, your team can also easily update your knowledge base with new answers, allowing them to ease their future workload. Tools such as performance appraisal software can be used to ensure that your employees are receiving the feedback and praise they deserve. Don’t forget: a great employee experience will often lead to a great digital customer experience.

Key Takeaway

Crafting the perfect digital customer experience isn’t easy, but at the end of the day, it’s all about providing timely and informative support that makes the customer feel excited about continuing to do business with you. Fortunately, there are tools that can help. Chatbots and other AI-based tools can provide customers with the information they need at any time of day, and customer experience tools can gather data that allow you to make informed decisions about the future of your business. No matter what tools you use, there’s no doubt that using an AI-powered customer experience strategy is a great way to boost customer satisfaction.

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