Machine learning, organizational teaching.

When Capacity doesn’t know the answer, it automatically reaches out to a human-in-the-loop (HITL) who does.

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A human-in-the-loop to do what AI can't.

CoPilots pick up the slack for the tougher questions, building your organization’s tacit knowledge base for new and current team members alike.

Your AI-powered knowledge switchboard.

CoPilots can map an unanswered inquiry to an existing exchange in the knowledge base, create a brand new response, forward it to an org expert, or, if necessary, dismiss the query entirely.

If you can manage an inbox, you can manage AI.

Intuitively organize groups of relevant exchanges and match newly created exchanges to their appropriate dialogues. Capacity will not only learn answers to these questions but how similarly grouped questions and answers are related.

Knowledge sharing, made automated.

After a CoPilot responds to an unanswered inquiry, Capacity automatically and instantly shares the knowledge with the team member who originally asked the question. The cycle of knowledge sharing is complete.