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Employee Experience Buyer’s Guide

Choosing software and solutions to augment your organization’s employee experience is a major decision. Moreover, it may be one of the most critical decisions you make around implementing a successful employee engagement initiative. It’s critical to consider what’s most important to your employees when purchasing employee experience tools.

Employee Experience Software

Employee experience software can help improve engagement, retention rates, and ensure that employees feel part of a larger community. When employees can react to clients and each other, they’ll start to feel like they are adding value and are part of the larger community.

Employee Monitoring Software

With employee monitoring software, you can actively measure task progress during working hours. Further, it can help to improve overall productivity as you can get detailed reports on idle time and spikes in activity.

Map showing the different types of employee experience software

Employee Communication Tools Software

You can increase both engagement and satisfaction by giving your employees access to a variety of communication tools used for offering feedback and rapid response. And, these types of communication tools can be used to help employees feel more connected to the organization while improving relationships with their colleagues.

Employee Recognition Software

Employee recognition tools not only boost productivity, but they lead to increased profitability. When employees feel valued, they will want to stay with your company as opposed to looking for employment elsewhere. It also positively impacts the culture and motivation.

Employee Scheduling Software

Without the right scheduling tools, scheduling conflicts could become rampant and negatively impact EX. In contrast, employee scheduling software helps to utilize every working hour. It offers sophisticated workforce data and provides alerts for understaffed work shifts. Employees are happier when they know they have the right schedule, as well.

Performance Appraisal Software

It’s important to have a well-rounded view of employee performance. Performance review software can improve feedback surveys, too. Plus, it helps to differentiate between training needs and growth opportunities. Moreover, you will have the data needed for improvement and performance tracking.