Why You Should Consider Connecting Your Livechat and Knowledge Base

by | Jul 7, 2021

Nowadays, customers know the difference between an AI-powered chatbot and the earlier generation of rule-based bots. The former offers a seamless interaction that provides real information using conversational AI, which uses natural language to create conversations with customers. The latter can provide only answers to routine or pre-programmed questions. 

According to live chat research, 90% of consumers want an immediate response to their queries. If customers can’t get the answer they want from a pre-programmed chatbot, they need to get through to a live person over the phone or through email. Regardless of the speed of your customer service team, no response can be “immediate” once a customer has gone back and forth with a chatbot.

To achieve an AI-powered chatbot experience, many companies opt to connect their chatbot functionality to their knowledge base. A knowledge base is a virtual library of customer-facing information, often the same resource live customer service teams use. Connecting an AI-powered chatbot to a knowledge base system ensures access to in-depth information that creates more informative responses across broader topics in a natural tone. 

So how do you achieve this connection? Many companies have a chat function and separate knowledge base, each working in isolation. The best way to link these is to partner with a solution like Capacity—a comprehensive support automation platform that comprises chatbot and knowledge base technology and can streamline the connection process.

Why do you want to connect a chatbot and a knowledge base?

Rule-based bots have conversations with customers that run through set pathways. These can be useful for common questions, but if a customer wants to request more information and there is no predetermined option, the chatbot gets stuck. 

Increasingly, this does not meet the demands of consumers. According to the Hubspot survey, repeating oneself to multiple representatives was the biggest frustration for 33% of respondents. Not being able to resolve a customer service issue online was most frustrating for 14% of respondents.

Companies are increasingly choosing  AI-powered chatbots that can connect to a comprehensive knowledge base to prevent this kind of customer dissatisfaction. Instead of sending the customer down set pathways with unsatisfactory responses, the AI-powered chatbot gains access to more relevant and plentiful information in a company’s knowledge base. 

And, through natural language processing, the bot understands the user’s words and can extrapolate the intent of each question or phrase. This allows for a richer interactive experience and avoids dead ends that often occur with rule-based systems.

The result is better and more effective communications. Not surprisingly, it also leads to happier customers.

How can you connect these elements?

Too many companies have chatbot solutions and knowledge bases, but it is rare that the two are integrated. The capability to connect a knowledge base system with live chat is essential to elevate the customer experience. Instead of integrating two distinct systems, it may be best to switch to an all-in-one solution to meet all business needs.

Capacity is an AI-powered support automation platform that connects an organization’s full tech stack to create a solution to answer customer questions quickly and correctly. The platform includes technology that powers an AI-powered chatbot via a knowledge base.

Capacity’s knowledge base is continuously learning. It stores source documentation, FAQs, and backend customer service email threads, so that users can always find the right answer. When Capacity encounters a question it can’t answer, it automatically creates a help desk ticket for a human to step in. The system notes that new answer and incorporates it into its repository of information.

The result is a highly efficient live chat experience for your customers where on average, 90% of interactions do not need to involve a human.

Talk to Capacity.

Capacity is one of the few service providers that creates an end-to-end support automation platform. It is, therefore, an ideal product for companies that want to elevate the customer experience. By learning more about what you offer to your customers and how your team members perform their work, Capacity is constantly becoming more efficient and improving your customer service.