How to Build a Chatbot Using NLP

by | Jul 22, 2021

When interacting with current and potential customers, it’s important to make sure there’s plenty of opportunity for proper communication. Chatbots are an essential feature of many websites that meet this need for interaction. They offer that quick invitation to anyone new to your site to connect and make sure your long-time customers can always get help when they need it.

Not all chatbots are the same; however, only advanced NLP technology can elevate the chatbot experience for your website visitors. That intelligent, intuitive chatbot experience improves customer satisfaction, puts a positive light on your brand, and helps your internal operations run more smoothly. Here’s a bit more about the benefits of NLP and how you can build a chatbot using NLP for your business.

Why use NLP to build a chatbot?

Let’s start with defining NLP. This stands for “natural language processing,” a feature of machine learning. NLP is what gives a computer system the ability to interpret the meaning behind a text-based input. When your visitor types “I want to upgrade my service” into a chatbot, NLP connects this query to the right information. As a result, it can give a relevant response, like “what kind of service do you need,” or “what add-ons would you like to purchase.”

Without NLP, the query is merely a series of letters. Some chatbots that do not use NLP may recognize certain words and link them to the same or related words in your knowledge base. But only NLP can understand the intent behind common searches and improve upon responses over time. The advantages are a frustration-free experience for customers and reduced pressure on your live support team since the chatbot can handle a wider range of queries.

How can you build a chatbot that uses NLP?

There are a few different ways to integrate NLP into a chatbot. That’s a project you can take on with your technology team by using your existing IT talent to craft a chatbot using this technology. You can also outsource this task to a partner to custom code for you.

There’s an even easier way that uses neither of these options. That route is using Capacity’s support automation platform. There’s no need to build your own NLP-powered chatbot since Capacity already did. The low-code platform offers conversational AI and integrates easy handoffs to live agents—letting your team use their unique talents by helping people with unique or new queries.

Capacity makes your customer experience seamless while supporting your team through automation. The secret is in the superior technology proprietary to Capacity.

What are the standout features of Capacity’s support automation platform?

Capacity has several features that leverage NLP in its superior suite of chatbot options:

  • Integrations with search, subscriptions, RSS feeds, and more.
  • Machine learning, which means the chatbot is constantly improving its responses based on customer input.
  • High security, to protect your private information.
  • Understanding of user intent behind text-based input.

What sets us apart is our solution’s superior ability to capture the complexity of human conversation. Instead of relying on a single algorithm that cannot capture user intent’s complete scope, our solution draws upon a wealth of information. Capacity uses more than 40 algorithms, some proprietary, to build its AI base. The result is a superior chatbot conversation, driven by machine learning, that strikes the right tone for an elevated customer experience.

Capacity’s chatbot uses this technology to return responses that match user questions consistently. Capacity turns a question over to your live support team if no answer seems appropriate or falls below a specific threshold of confidence. That gives your people the chance to provide the best service to your customers. Best of all, these new queries and the responses are saved in Capacity, so the system is always learning. It, therefore, has the best response every time and is always improving with time.

Our automation platform offers something a custom-built chatbot may not: a ready-to-integrate, accessible form of technology that all members of your team can readily access.

Start using automation to support your business.

Your customers expect rapid, informative interaction when they visit your website. Repetitive tasks, like individual responses to common client queries, can quickly overwhelm your team members. A chatbot using NLP is the solution. Capacity offers next-level support automation that improves every aspect of your customer-facing communications.

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