Always learning, always improving.

Our machine learning engine is on a mission to understand your organization, your role, and what you care about most.

Built on a foundation of machine learning.

A lot of today’s tech is just now hastily grafting ML onto their outdated systems. Capacity’s support automation platform was built from the ground up on machine learning.

Our proprietary algorithms and NLP, Expert Finder, IDP technology—everything is supported by a framework of state-of-the-art machine learning models. If your organization is looking to adopt AI and ML, choose the platform that was built with AI and ML.

Automated learning that respects your data.

It’s no secret that machine learning and the artificially intelligent systems it powers require a lot of data to operate. The question is, what kind of data is being fed into those systems?

Our machine learning models don’t need your sensitive information to work, which means that nothing is cached or stored without your permission. Capacity’s ML models work great out-of-the-box and get better with time by learning what your customers like or don’t like.

Great out of the box, better with age.

Capacity has a multitude of built-in AI and ML feedback systems to improve the knowledge it shares with your teams.