Does your team know what your team knows?

Just how much value is locked away in the tacit knowledge of your team? Capacity captures this invaluable tacit knowledge and makes it instantly accessible to your organization.

Capture, store, and deliver intuition.

If someone at your organization knows something that could prove useful to a colleague, you don’t want that knowledge to stay locked away in their mind.

With Capacity, you can capture, store, and share your teams’ tacit knowledge with the right people in the organization, at the right time.

When one of your highest performing team members leaves, has their knowledge been captured in a place and in a way that’s useful for the person who’s taking their place?

Do you want a document, or the answer?

  • Team members with questions don’t want a 7,000-word policy document—they want an answer. They want the knowledge they want, now, so they can get back to work.

  • Policies and procedures are great. Centralizing policies and procedures into one easy-to-use platform is even better. But where does your organization centralize its knowledge?

  • Capacity makes knowledge—the needed answer, minus the fluff—instantly available. It then continuously validates all your organizational knowledge with machine learning, human-in-the-loop feedback, live data sources, and more.

We’ve got the know-how to handle your org’s know-how.

With Capacity’s suite of enterprise, class-leading technology, your organization can finally leverage everything it knows. Stop searching and start knowing.