EXL Empowers Orgs to Compete in the 21st Century

According to our most recent data, Capacity is deflecting more than 800 questions a week—saving EXL teammates time and freeing up the HR staff for higher ROI activities. Keep reading to discover how!

With 20+ years of experience, EXL is in a unique position to empower a diverse list of clientele to win.

Reinforcements for human resources.

Since April 1999, EXL has helped countless firms overcome tough technology, management issues, and data-driven challenges. Headquartered in New York, its impressive network of 58 global delivery centers (and counting) supports clients in more than 25 languages. 

Far more than a run-of-the-mill professional services firm, the team at EXL prides themselves on becoming experts in their clients’ businesses. By taking the time to truly understand each industry and business model, they can provide the solutions that will have a meaningful, lasting impact.

With more than 30,000 teammates spread across 10+ countries, EXL’s human resources team has their work cut out for them. HR-related activities such as benefits inquiries, onboarding, and more can occur around-the-clock, seven days a week. Moreover, EXL is positioned to expand its footprint well into the future—which means a bigger team and even more demands on the resident HR pros. 

With the needs of a growing organization in mind, leadership began looking at different ways to scale the talented HR team in the beginning of 2019. Based on the sheer volume and variety of inquiries, the right solution would need to:

  • Automate FAQs via a robust knowledge base.
  • Retrieve and modify information within disparate systems.
  • Summarize and prioritize pending tickets through a user-friendly interface.
  • Automatically reroute complex inquiries to dedicated staff.
  • Scale with EXL as teams and territories expand.

An on-demand digital assistant.

Not only did Capacity meet the criteria—the SaaS model meant EXL could add features down the road as the team and needs grew. Leadership decided to roll out features in two distinct phases. The first would focus on automating low-level, time-consuming tasks like replying to FAQs.

The second phase would evolve the role of Capacity into a full-blown digital assistant for the HR team—utilizing the technology as a virtual coworker who could perform independent activity without human intervention.

Phase one: revolutionizing tier-0 support.

To relieve busy teammates of the most repetitive inquiries, Capacity’s conversational AI interface was embedded on EXL’s website and within the team’s preferred communication mediums—for convenient conversations 24/7. 

With a bank of EXL-specific exchanges built into Capacity’s guided conversation tool (and more being added via machine learning), the bot was deployed in late 2019. Less than a year into deployment—it’s safe to say the strategy is working!

Phase two: from talking to taking action.

With FAQs and other common inquiries successfully handed off to Capacity, EXL’s leadership began working with Capacity’s customer success team to roll out additional tools. Among other digital assistant activities, Capacity would perform several important tasks as an “action bot” for EXL’s HR team including: 

  • Creating and prioritizing tickets in the HR ticketing system.
  • Notifying EXL employees of ticket updates and/or resolution.
  • Finding and delivering internal job postings for teammates interested in a new position.

To accommodate knowledge retrieval and workflow automation, Capacity needed to work in unison with EXL’s existing systems. By fully integrating with the other software solutions already in place, Capacity could truly serve as a virtual assistant—scheduling meetings, updating job postings, updating KPIs, and more. 

To date, Capacity has successfully integrated with EXL’s BMC Remedy, IXL, Atlas, and Office 365 accounts. From a single chat window, teammates with access can request and modify knowledge from those systems in seconds. 

Making HR more human with AI. 

With EXL widely recognized as a thought leader in tech, operations management, and analytics, we’re proud to be its support automation platform of choice. And, as EXL’s suite of HR-oriented AI tools grows, so too will the list of wins—so check back here for updates!