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What is a Helpdesk Ticketing System?

A helpdesk ticketing system is a software platform that automates customer service and employee support while acting as a central repository for submitted requests and progress updates. A support team works from this platform to respond, organize, update, escalate, and close tickets (requests for help or information).

While customer service and support are most commonly associated with helpdesk ticketing systems, they can also support employees with technical problems, HR questions, and other needs.

Companies or departments with high numbers of incoming requests and customer interactions depend on helpdesk ticketing systems.

What are the key features of a helpdesk ticketing system?

Depending on the type of helpdesk ticketing system, the options vary. Most, however, share capabilities to

  • manage customer support tickets
  • measure customer satisfaction
  • provide personalized support
  • safely store customer data
  • provide self-service options
  • route tickets automatically
  • offer an intuitive interface so the support team can quickly find active requests
  • track quality metrics
  • provide instant access to support requests inside or outside of the office
  • Integrate with the company’s knowledge base

Here is what a helpdesk ticketing system offers companies.

A robust ticketing system can improve customer satisfaction by tracking each request so it’s not forgotten. It also ensures quick resolution to repeat issues, which reduces costs due to wasted time and resources. It also provides an opportunity for customer feedback to be collected and used to improve employee processes.

By using a helpdesk ticketing system, support staff can resolve far more questions and information requests in less time than by phone or email, which means customers are happier about their interactions. It can also mean more time spent working on tickets they are most qualified to resolve rather than spending time on random repetitive tasks or questions they’re unfamiliar with.

Customers also benefit from improved service quality by having all their issues handled in one place and receiving status updates throughout the life of their request.

Finally, using a helpdesk ticketing system reduces costs by improving employee productivity. In addition, integrated task management reduces redundant tasks by centralizing information on one system and streamlining processes.

How to choose the best helpdesk ticket system for your company.

You can begin by asking yourself a few questions about your organization’s needs.

Can I find all my customer service requests in one location?

The need to log in and out of different screens, keep track of separate emails, or sort through multiple ticket lists is inefficient and frustrating for everyone involved. A helpdesk ticketing system allows users to see all requests in one place, regardless of the customer or employee that submitted it or who is working on it.

Can I manage my team’s work with a single system?

The best helpdesk ticketing systems seamlessly integrate with other tools such as email client managers, phone systems, project management tools, knowledge bases, and more. The platform should also provide an easy way to manage all your customer requests in one place so you don’t have to switch between multiple screens or applications.

Do I need chatbot functionality?

Chatbot functionality allows users to interact with an AI-powered virtual agent instead of a support team member. A chatbot cannot replace a support team, but it can answer over 80% of questions, freeing employees to concentrate on higher-value tasks.

Can I track my team’s performance?

Organizations can now expect to have up-to-the-minute knowledge of how well a team is performing.

Plus, an intelligent helpdesk software platform will provide real-time insights about the status of open requests and team performance to address any issues quickly.

Increase customer satisfaction with artificial intelligence.

Capacity is a support automation platform that harnesses AI and robotic process automation (RPA) to resolve the vast majority of support tickets and provide superior customer service through a self-service portal. Support teams can focus more time on complicated requests that require human intelligence.

Capacity offers an easy way for people to submit requests and questions, access documentation, and arm themselves with information from the company’s knowledge base. Its AI handles every request quickly and completely so customers don’t have to wait. And chatbot functionality means customers and employees can ask questions without specialized terminology or technical expertise.

Capacity also streamlines internal processes for employees by providing a comprehensive service request platform within the chat interface. Employees can create new tickets in seconds without switching between multiple screens or logging into other systems.

Get Started with Capacity.

Organizations that want to improve customer experience and job satisfaction are using Capacity.

Capacity features helpdesk ticketing system capabilities, chatbot functionality, and powerful workflow automation all in one support automation platform.

Find out how Capacity can resolve customer requests and enable customer support teams to be more productive.

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