The Advantages of NLP (Natural Language Processing)

by | Feb 8, 2021

AI is used for a wide variety of purposes, and artificial intelligence continues to advance at a rapid rate. In fact, due to natural language processing (NLP), AI-powered chatbots can understand and respond to questions just like a coworker. Thanks to machine learning, AI-powered chatbots become smarter as they learn from interactions with employees and customers. In this article, we will take a closer look at NLP. How does it work? And what are the advantages of using it to help bring more efficient automation to your company?

A deeper look at NLP.

Natural Language Processing first became a buzz tech phrase back in 2013 when it was introduced as “word2vec.” At the time, it was a breakthrough in representing similarities and relationships between words through the use of word vectors.

In just eight years, it’s evolved tenfold, including being used by many companies innovating in AI. NLP has become invaluable in recognizing more natural speech patterns and allowing AI to respond the same way. Nowadays, many people who chat with an AI bot can’t tell the difference between the bot and a human.

At Capacity, we’ve incorporated NLP into our platform which helps businesses automate support for their employees and customers. The advantages of NLP are notable, especially when needing to impart data to employees or customers.

By removing the drudgery of looking up information, NLP has become a top-tier technology. NLP also saves companies significant time when it comes to everything from answering online inquiries to training new hires.

Inquiries from a chatbot.

One of the first major advantages of NLP is in how it leverages machine learning to improve the knowledge it shares. Artificial intelligence has related technologies that work in-tandem to accumulate big data, then turn it into something useful.

Capacity continues to evolve these technologies for our platform, making the use of NLP all the smarter. When machine learning acquires data from other platforms and knowledgeable employees, all of that is turned into useful text for your chatbot to use.

When an employee needs to find an answer to something in a hurry, they can turn to a chatbot for instant, accurate answers in the simplest of terms.

Yes, the top advantage of NLP is the ability to provide a clear and concise answer. The employee or customer isn’t bombarded with confusing information but simply given an accurate and helpful answer. During times when regulatory information is needed, the use of NLP becomes almost like a human co-worker.

Helping customers find answers.

The greatest aspect of using AI is it can operate 24/7, something a human can’t do. These bots aren’t replacing humans, though. They’re merely working as assistants to help make their job easier and more efficient.

Another advantage to having NLP available is the ability of chatbots to handle customer inquiries. Your support department may be overwhelmed with customer inquiries every day with certain problems requiring extra time to solve. Using more advanced NLP in your businesses gives a chance for the chatbot to tackle those problems for customers. In addition, customers get the answers they need to technical issues or other information they need in a hurry. Being able to gain their trust is the ultimate advantage of NLP technology.

Having more advanced algorithms.

Another great advantage of using NLP with Capacity is that we’ve helped develop the technology even further. Our machine learning ensemble is made up of 40+ algorithms that understand human language at a more profound level.

These take on the most complex aspects of language ranging from term frequency to semantic hyperplanes. Many nuances are involved when interpreting how people talk and the kinds of questions they ask. Everything from the tone of voice to the context of phrasing makes a big difference in the types of answers humans receive.

We’ve developed NLP in such an advanced way that it gets the gist of any type of question. The machine learning ensemble listens carefully and provides a fast answer based on the confidence of potential matches.

Users are amazed at how thorough the answers are. This demonstrates that AI has essentially become “smarter” rather than just having the capability to handle basic queries.

Your employees will work well with a chatbot.

It’s worth reiterating that even though AI and automation are becoming more popular, they aren’t replacing humans. Your employees will likely enjoy using a chatbot to quickly find the information they need 24/7 without relying on a coworker. 

While over 84% of all questions asked can be answered without human involvement, there are times when the chatbot may not be able to answer a question. In such a scenario, the question is escalated to the appropriate internal team via a ticket or live chat, and the answer gets added to the Capacity knowledge base. This offers further proof of how humans and technology can work together.

How can you use NLP now?

If your company wants to find a way to utilize NLP technology as soon as possible, it’s important to note that Capacity can be implemented within 30 days. The platform goes to work through the use of machine learning, making NLP smarter with time.

Now you can enjoy the advances of what NLP brings in every department, most notably in your helpdesk.

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