An illustration depicting support automation. The illustration shows a man in a space-like digital landscape with information, data, and support tickets floating around him.

How Can You Define Support Automation?

When customers start to expect more than humans can give, or than resources allow, in comes support automation to save the day. Essentially, the objective is to decrease the requirement for human interaction in terms of responding to consumer inquiries. Instead of overwhelming your agents with questions that are easily answered with support automation, they can invest more time helping clients with complex issues.

When you think of support automation in terms of the customer experience, it’s about solutions that can meaningfully respond to customers’ needs.

Certainly, there are evolving customer expectations and different skill levels within your workforce. But when the two are better aligned, you’ve just come a long way in improving the overall customer experience with your organization. Your desired results are achieved when support is reliable and relevant, and the customer leaves feeling that their needs were adequately met.

Illustration of a gauge showing customer happiness levels

The overarching objective of support automation is to improve the customer experience without having to tie up all your financial resources. Think about the cost differential between hiring 10 new employees versus implementing one support automation platform—deployed in the department of your choice.

In this regard, you don’t have to grossly increase company expenditures to retain customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, you can quickly spot issues, manage every interaction, and get a thorough analysis of overall performance. Moreover, support automation reduces human error, responds quickly repetitive inquiries, and gives more attention to your customers. These are all factors that will contribute to a stellar customer experience!

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