What does an RPA developer do?

The responsibilities of robotic process automation (RPA) software developers can vary quite a bit from organization to organization. Usually, the day-to-day tasks are dependent on which business processes require the design and implementation of RPA tools.

At a minimum, an RPA developer jobs will typically be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Deploy software “bots” or “robots” to automate repetitive tasks
  • Train and retrain “bots” as the necessary steps for tasks evolve
  • Receive feedback on RPA tools and make relevant updates
  • Integrate an company’s various applications into the RPA software

Again, RPA developer roles can change drastically from company to company. These machine learning and artificial intelligence pros are often well-paid, but may work long hours. The design, development, and implementation of RPA technologies can involve lots of experimentation.

For those who enjoy the work, RPA certifications are becoming widely available through a variety of institutions. And in markets countries like the United States where automated tasks are increasingly prized, opportunities to become a senior RPA developer are multiplying.