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Employee Experience Glossary

by | Feb 5, 2020


Change Management

Change management can encourage employee trust and engagement by adequately informing staff of company changes such as new policies, new hires, new management, and more.

Company Culture

The culture is made up of the expectations, personality, values, and ethics of a company.

Culture Fit

A prospective employee’s potential for fitting in with the company culture.


Deskless workers

Remote workers who often travel for work.


Employee/Corporate Wellness

A company’s wellness programs such as gym memberships, on-site yoga, meditation rooms, flu shot days, and more.

Employee Engagement

How an employee views and manages the daily responsibilities of their job.

Employee Engagement Survey

A survey designed to measure how committed employees are to your company’s mission and how much they value their role.

Employee Experience

Like a customer experience, the employee experience includes every touchpoint and how they perceive their tenure at your organization.

Employee Lifecycle

These are the milestones an employee has reached—recruitment, onboarding, retention, and exit.

Employee Recognition

Publicly or privately recognizing employee accomplishments.

Employee Satisfaction

How satisfied an employee is with their job and their professional relationships at the office.


Growth mindset

A mindset that surpasses the static and allows people to grow their skills and knowledge through continuous learning.


Learning & Development

A type or program used to encourage continuous workplace learning for various skills, job roles, promotions, and more.


Organizational Culture

This is similar to company culture based on a personality, mission, ethics, and values.


People Analytics

The analysis of people to make improvements around people-centered programs and initiatives.

People Data

Data collected on people/employees with the company.

People Management

This is the management of your workforce from recruitment onward, along with resources, benefits, and assistance to ensure they succeed at your company.

Performance Review

A review that measures growth, looks for opportunities, and evaluates behaviors and/or working styles.

Psychological Safety

The level of security a person feels when taking an action or making a decision in the workplace.



The metric used to measure how long employees stay with your company.


Talent Management

Figuring out what skills and experiences are needed to help the company reach its objectives, and then hiring employees with those skills and experiences. This is in addition to implementing support systems and growth opportunities to increase retention.


The average rate or amount of time it takes before an employee leaves your company. A company with high employee turnover means people leave often, and quickly.