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Attract Students

Engage Students

Retain Students

Support students with consistent communication.

Capacity helps schools engage with students so that they have everything they need to do their best work.

Two chat bubbles
Student asking the Capacity chatbot for a copy of their transcripts.

Guarantee 24/7/365 student support.

Questions don’t always come up during business hours, so institutions should have resources readily available for students when they need support. Capacity’s AI-powered chatbots integrate with your LMS. 

Any information that you want to make available to students can be stored in the Capacity Knowledge Base and made accessible via a conversational chat interface, so students can get answers outside of business hours.

Improve new student orientation.

Getting students acquainted with a new school and prepared for a new year requires a lot of information. Rather than cramming all of the information into one session, Capacity enables students to access orientation materials at any time, so they can prepare themselves on their own time.

Illustration of open book with pencil
A student chats with Capacity asking for their syllabus and Capacity answers with a link to the syllabus

Empower students with a virtual TA.

 Whether students are attending in-person, online, or hybrid courses, assistance is needed throughout the school year. Capacity reduces the number of repetitive questions that teaching assistants receive and provides support to students when they need it most.

Accurate information

Capacity instantly and accurately answers 90% of all inquiries without human involvement, which means students can come to Capacity for answers and support.

calendar icon

Planned support

If Capacity can’t answer a question, it will direct the student to the TA’s calendar, so they can easily book a time that works for them.

Keep students in the know.

Instead of sending emails, schools of any size can instantly inform the student body of critical and exciting news with Capacity’s Broadcast feature.

Send emergency alerts via text

Make sure everyone has the information they need to stay safe.

Set and schedule enrollment reminders

Make sure everyone has the information they need to stay safe.

Share updates about school news.

Spread school spirit by sharing information about events and athletic activities.

Illustration of phone with notifications