An EasyVista alternative with an enhanced user interface.

Access in-depth ticket details from one screen, so your team can focus on more high-level thinking.

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Capacity vs. EasyVista ITSM

How does Capacity stack up?

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Automated Routing
Customizable Branding
Document Mining
Email Integration
Interaction Tracking
Knowledge Base Management
Multi-Channel Communication
Network Monitoring
Real-TIme Chat
Self-Service Portal
Ticket Management

Step out of the routine and into innovation.

Repeatable processes are excellent for facilitating repetitive tasks correctly and efficiently, but when humans do the same thing over and over again, innovation meets a dead end.

Capacity doesn’t get uninspired, it doesn’t get bored. It’s here to do what your team doesn’t want to do, so your team can do what it can’t—handle the human situations that demand human creativity and empathy.

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