Customer Experience Buyer’s Guide

by | Dec 11, 2019

Education and research on your prospective CX vendor or solution makes for a more thorough and successful purchasing experience. The last thing you want to experience is buyer’s remorse. As such, we have included a few relevant tips for ensuring you get the best product and/or partner for your business.

Keep your goals in mind. It is important that you explain exactly what you are trying to do. Most companies get mired before they start this phase because they haven’t established any clear expectations.

Illustration of buying tips for cx solutions

Create an outline of your current and future business needs. Your summary allows prospective suppliers to grasp your organization’s current state, your immediate needs, and your long-term targets. If you have more than one decision-maker, make sure you have their buy-in.

Design a scorecard. Now that everyone on your team has decided on your priorities, and you’ve been looking for a shortlist of good candidates, you need to have a classification system. Whether you have three or 40 crucial segments, you’ll want to accurately rate every potential provider.

There may be other practical considerations that your organization views as significant. For instance, does the seller align with your company culture? How well does the vendor understand your market? Are they flexible and extensible? Can their solution scale as your business grows?

Whether it is your first CX product or you are switching from your current vendor, make sure you understand your present and future needs so that you can effectively collaborate with the right partner.