Seeing is believing.

Easily detect user patterns and debug issues to improve the customer experience with session replay.

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Clear up the confusion

Session Replay allows support agents to see a user’s session on your website in a recreated simulated video. It helps debug issues, clear up confusion, and optimize customer support.


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Solve wide-spread user issues instantly

Trying to reproduce bugs can be a headache.

Capacity’s Session Replay can change the way support agents handle customer issues. See exactly what actions were taken and where things went wrong by watching a recreation of customer’s paths in a video recording. 

Your support agents will thank you for saving them time and energy when troubleshooting use issues.


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An illustration that shows how Capacity only enables the right team members to see certain information.

Discover the full picture

Typical analytic tools change user actions into numbers, such as clicks, bounce rate, etc.

Your customers aren’t just numbers.

 Session Replay will recreate customer scenarios so you can see exactly what was done on your site. Track mouse movements, and replay customer actions over and over to see the full picture, and identify customer behavior patterns.

Close tickets faster

“I wish I could see where they’re clicking.” “What actions are taking the user to that specific webpage?” “Why are they receiving this error message?” 

If you’ve thought about any of these scenarios, Session Replay is for you. 

Seeing where customers travel on your webpage an provide insight into why they are seeing certain issues pop-up.

Security and privacy are our priority

With Session Replay, your customer’s personal information is safe and secure.

Sensitive and identifiable information can be hidden in session recreations.

We value your customer’s privacy and security, so all personal data can be masked using Session Replay.