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ReCap: Credit Union Times Webcast

by | Jan 26, 2021

In the Credit Union Times webcast, our CEO and Cofounder, David Karandish explained how Capacity enables credit unions to drive a better member experience by starting with the team experience and working through member engagement. Discover how your team can work with our Capacity bot and handoff support questions and manual tasks. 

We make it easy for your team to access information from key systems.

Capacity integrates with a credit union’s knowledge base and key systems to help teams access information within apps without logging in and out multiple times a day. With Capacity and these integrations set in place, all team members have to do is ask the Capacity bot for the information they want to know and it will instantly provide the answer. 

Pro-tip: Capacity can even connect to proprietary systems. Our developer platform makes connecting apps a breeze. 

Capacity takes actions on your teams’ behalf with simple instructions.

In addition to providing your team with instant answers, Capacity takes that information a step further by supporting your team with automation. Scheduling meetings, sending off information to another teammate, creating helpdesk tickets, and even extracting data from documents can all be automated with Capacity. Taking these small tasks off of team members’ plates enables them to dedicate more time and attention to members. 

Instantly and accurately answer 9/10 members’ questions instantly.

For credit unions that want to provide members with 24/7 access to support, the Capacity bot can easily be placed on your member-facing website to instantly answer questions any time of the day or any day of the week. 

Capacity currently answers 91% of member questions that come through the West Community Credit Union website’s bot without human intervention. 

When the bot doesn’t know the answer to a question, the member can instantly connect with an agent via LiveChat or create a ticket and receive an answer via email.

Fun fact: Capacity is the only helpdesk on the market with a goal to avoid ticket creation by answering all inquiries through automation. However, if for some reason, a ticket has to be created, we can seamlessly escalate it to a live agent or subject matter expert. 

In summary, David explained how Capacity can: 

  1. Automate support for team members and credit union members via our helpdesk.
  2. Answer questions by accessing information from your docs, apps, and knowledge base via our AI-powered bot. 
  3. Take on the work of the support agents via workflows.
  4. Mine your documents and store information via intelligent document processing