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AI in the Workplace

by | Dec 10, 2019

Whether dictating grocery lists to Siri or discovering new shoes on Amazon as a result of our prior buying habits, artificial intelligence (AI) significantly improves our personal lives. Unfortunately, however, AI’s capabilities have yet to make their full impact on our work lives. In the one place where we’re judged on performance and efficiency, it’s anyone’s guess as to why some enterprises have yet to adopt available AI tech that can simplify and streamline their organization’s repetitive tasks. 

Regardless, the implementation of artificial intelligence in the workplace will not wait. What many are calling the 4th Industrial Revolution and others are calling Digital Transformation 2.0 will not wait. AI technology will not wait—it’s primed to transform work as we know it. The question is, are you going to take the AI leap and begin reaping the ROI now, or are you inevitably going to wish you had later on?

VHS vs AI.

So, how does AI fit in the workplace? Well, let’s start with your home life. 

It’s Friday night. You’ve got a LaCroix. You’ve got some popcorn with M&M’s (peanut, of course) mixed in. You and the family sit down to watch a movie and turn to—rather, click—Netflix. 

Netflix knows what shows you like to watch and is constantly learning based on your interactions. Netflix is available on all of your devices. Netflix is so easy to use that you land in the right place in seconds, not hours.

Now, compare this to the time spent at work. When it comes to finding the knowledge that’s necessary to do our best work, we often don’t even know where to turn. Our software is not mobile-friendly. It doesn’t learn. It knows nothing about what we care about. This is the universal pain point of the “modern” workplace—it feels a lot like foraging for VHS tapes at a local Blockbuster circa 1993. 

What if there was a solution for all the time that’s wasted digging for pieces of information that should be accessible in a matter of seconds (better yet, milliseconds)? What if there was a platform that could teach itself, getting that much smarter each and every time you engage with it? 

Capacity—a secure, AI-native knowledge sharing platform—connects to apps, mines documents, spreadsheets, and web pages, and captures the tacit knowledge that lives in the minds of your teams. It then makes every bit of this critical knowledge instantly accessible, no matter where your workflow takes you.

With an AI and machine learning ensemble of 40+ industry-standard and proprietary algorithms, Capacity operates as one of the more comprehensive examples of AI in the workplace. 

Enterprise AI.

Before we go any further, let’s breakdown enterprise AI. Enterprise AI is software that learns to replicate intelligent human behavior, to the benefit of the entire workplace.

Let’s parse that out. By “software that learns to replicate intelligent human behavior,” we mean that it’s constantly improving, learning the ins and outs of your organization. But the second half of that definition is more important: “to the benefit of the entire workplace.” The workplace is made up of departments, teams, and individuals of all stripes, and enterprise AI must help all parties to be considered successful.

Implementing an AI solution like Capacity’s AI-powered knowledge sharing platform can make the process of tracking down information nearly instantaneous and the process of storing it for future use almost effortless. Capacity gets smarter over time, constantly learning the unique needs of your organization. 

Whenever it doesn’t know the answer to a particular question, our Expert Finder employs state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning to pinpoint the person in the organization who does. Capacity then stores the expertise, this vital knowledge so that it can be easily shared from that point forward. If our clients’ successes thus far are any indication, this process empowers team members, drastically cuts down on Tier 0 support, and elevates the entire organization to do its best work. 

From CEOs to customer service reps, every branch of an organization can benefit from AI.


Have you ever wasted hours searching for that one document or report that just had to be somewhere? We all have.

What if you never had to perform that search in the first place? What if your job was simply to review that document or leverage that report. By automating the mundane tasks no one wants to waste energy completing, team members will have more time to engage in value-added work. 

By tracking down knowledge in seconds instead of minutes or even hours, Capacity works to reduce the costs associated with wasted time used to search for answers. When time isn’t being wasted on searching for small bits of information, everyone can have more productive workdays, and ultimately a higher output. New ideas are formed, completed, and the entire organization can evolve as a whole—ultimately bolstering the bottom line. 

Adopting a workplace AI solution leads to more automatic processing for tasks that a company works through each day. The beauty of AI in the workplace is that same amount of work can be done in a day, but now teammates have the capacity to take on the projects that truly necessitate a human touch. Adding productivity in the workforce has never been this scalable; access to actionable knowledge has never been simpler.

Using AI to solve problems in the workplace is also easier than many think. Artificial intelligence in the workplace allows a company and its employees to reach maximum efficiency levels, leaving more time for projects and networking. Capacity connects with apps, documents, and the minds of your teams to streamline the knowledge sharing process. A simple chat interface like Capacity goes a step further in making it easy to store and share the knowledge with other team members. 


You shouldn’t have to do the same task twice. For example, look at the work that goes into onboarding a co-worker. Going through documents, paperwork, and questions can be tedious and time-consuming, not to mention overwhelming for new team members and existing employees alike. 

When you introduce AI, you can reduce the amount of time spent getting a new team member accustomed to their role. Enterprise chatbots can answer their questions and deliver important onboarding documents in real-time, making for a smoother introduction period for both the new employee and the company. 

Adding a new employee should increase productivity, not slow it down with tedious processing and document review. When a new employee joins an organization with Capacity, the questions they ask and the needed answers are available 24/7 from that point forward. Storing these pieces of information, and making them accessible through a browser or chat feature, takes away the repetitive question-and-answer dance that comes with the onboarding process. 

The addition of artificial intelligence in the workplace will certainly change the way we work, but the AI-powered capturing and sharing of knowledge will redefine work as we know it.


When a teammate answers a specific question, it’s important that this information is accessible to the next coworker who has the same question. Capacity does this by implementing browse, search, and chat modalities into our knowledge base interface. The knowledge base for every organization grows every time a question is asked and an answer is delivered. With this abundance of knowledge, users can easily and intuitively locate what they’re looking for.

Capacity’s process of tracking down an expert in an organization, obtaining an answer, delivering it to a user and storing it for future use can set any organization up for success. Using and developing AI within modern workforces will continue to change the future of work and make processes quicker and easier over time. 

Is AI in your workplace?

Unfortunately, if you’ve been dragging your feet, putting off the inevitable adoption of AI for your organization, you’re already behind the curve. The good news is that it isn’t as daunting a task as you might think—Capacity can deploy in 30 days or less.

Let us make your transition into the future of work easy with Capacity’s AI-powered knowledge-sharing platform. 

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. Watch our secure, AI-native knowledge sharing platform at work. See our CEO’s award-winning live demo presented at In|Vest 2019.