Do you know who knows what in your organization?

If Capacity doesn’t know the answer, it knows who will.

Your experts may surprise you.

Capacity will leverage AI, machine learning, and your organization’s chosen communications to create a dynamic knowledge graph.

When someone in your org has a question demanding a high degree of expertise, Capacity will reach out to the right teammate who can provide the right answer, and our AI-assisted knowledge base will assure that question won’t have to be answered again.

The end to FWDs, REs, CCs, and BCCs.

No more email threads that never end and necessitate a veritable audit to decode. No more sending out multiple messages (group or otherwise) via Symphony or Slack. No more wasting invaluable time and energy searching for the knowledge you need to excel in your role.

Simply ask your question and get back to work. Capacity will take care of the rest.

Your org never stops learning. Neither does Capacity.

Capacity’s expert graph is continuously refined as your team members answer questions, verify information, communicate, provide feedback, and update the system whenever their skill set changes.

Your team isn’t static. They deserve a platform that grows along with them, so they can be empowered to keep on growing.