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Video | Staying Competitive in the Wealth Management Industry

by | Aug 5, 2019

Our Cofounder & CEO, David Karandish, presented a live demo of our AI-powered knowledge sharing platform at In|Vest 2019 and won the Audience’s and Judge’s Choice Awards. Watch the full demo below!

The three judges rated Jane at or above a 9/10 because it solves a connectivity problem in a human way—providing instant information to clients and enabling efficient communication within teams.

“We need to provide better advice to our clients, and we need to be more efficient in how we communicate with our teams.”

David Karandish

Founder and CEO

Start advising your clients the moment they land on your website.

Any financial management company can place our AI-powered chatbot, Jane.ai, directly on its website with one line of JavaScript. Jane is very easy to deploy, and site visitors can ask their questions in natural language.

Prospective clients can ask straightforward questions about equity compensation plans or consultative questions about investing globally and receive answers.

Whatever the question, Jane autocompletes your site visitors’ questions in real time as they type, directing them towards an answer already stored in the knowledge base. As soon as the question is asked, Jane instantly responds as if your site visitor is chatting live with a member of your team.

But Jane is much more than a chatbot. Jane is a secure, AI-native knowledge sharing platform that captures tacit knowledge, mines documents, and connects to enterprise apps—making everything instantly accessible via simple conversation.

In just a few simple steps, users can generate question-and-answer pairs (that we call exchanges) from docs, pages, or sheets, in a matter of seconds. What’s more, these dynamic exchanges are evergreen—anytime an answer is updated in the respective source material, it’s also updated in the knowledge base.

Whenever a question is asked that isn’t answered in the knowledge base, Jane can request backup from a human-in-the-loop CoPilot within your organization. With Expert Finder, Jane can also identify the person who is most knowledgeable on the specific topic within your team to find an answer. Once the question is answered, it will be added to Jane’s knowledge base and instantly available from that point forward.

Jane was designed for much more than one-off exchanges—Jane can facilitate multi-step, complicated conversations.

With guided conversations, your customers can ask more complex questions, like, “Should I pay for a new car with cash or a loan?” and receive a series of clarifying follow-up questions like:

  • “Do you plan to buy a used or new car?”
  • “How long do you plan on keeping the car?”
  • “What type of interest rate have you been quoted?”

By taking site visitors through targeted, step-by-step conversational flows, Jane can provide an accurate answer and help the user make the right decision.

Place knowledge at your teams’ fingertips.

In addition to offering advice to your site visitors, Jane can also help your organization do their best work. By plugging into all the major messaging apps like Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and even Symphony, your team can get instant answers to their questions and requests in their preferred communication channel.

On top of uploading website content and internal documents, you can also upload spreadsheets and prospectus documents into Jane’s knowledge base. If your team needs investment information, quick and in a hurry, they can ask Jane, “Who’s ACME’s investment lead?”

Jane will access the right spreadsheet, look up ACME, do a fuzzy match, and come back with a response like, “ACME’s investment lead is Lisa Klien. You can contact Lisa at lk@acme.com or (314) 314-3144.” With Jane, you may never have to search through a prospectus document or a spreadsheet again.

Once your team member receives a quick and accurate response from Jane, they can transmit that response to others in your organization. For example, after your team asked for ACME’s investment lead, they could respond with, “Please forward that contact information to Jeremy.” Jane will find Jeremy in your org, craft an email with that contact information, and send it to Jeremy.

Jane makes sharing knowledge an effortless task, so your team can focus on more strategic and thought-provoking tasks.

Knowledge sharing made accessible to everyone.

Our knowledge sharing platform has more than 50 unique app integrations, and we’re always adding more interfaces so that Jane can meet you wherever your workflow takes you. Jane was designed to make corporate communication easy to access, straight forward, and simple—and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Watch our Co-Founder & CEO, David Karandish, present his award-winning demo. This demo was recorded during the In|Vest 2019 Conference in New York and won the Audience’s and Judge’s Choice Awards.