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One Platform to Rule Them All


Capacity empowers teams to do their best work by providing everything they need to automate support.

Everything you need in one powerful platform.


AI that’s always learning.
Capacity continuously improves and grows your knowledge base with state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithms and built-in machine learning feedback systems.



Knowledge at your fingertips.

Capacity instantly and accurately answers all of your FAQs 24/7. Whether it’s stored in your knowledge base, cloud drive, or the apps, Capacity can access it. 



Support made simple.

Capacity enables seamless escalation to your support team via ticket or live chat when customers or employees require human expertise.


Where work flows.

Capacity automates the monotonous tasks that bog down your team, so they can focus on tasks and inquiries that require higher-level thinking.

Image showing analytics in the Capacity dashboard

Data-driven analytics.

Know exactly what knowledge provides the most value to your organization with our industry standard analytics dashboard.

We make it easy to track your team’s most frequently asked questions, which department or user asked what, any knowledge that needs refreshing, and more.

“One challenge that has emerged is being able to provide customers with information when and where they want it. Capacity got the AI-powered chatbot embedded on our website in a very short timeframe, so it could quickly become an effective tool for our members.”

Jason Peach
President and CEO of West Community Credit Union (WCCU)
illustration of customer giving 5-star rating on tablet
an illustration that shows Capacity will not share documents or information that is only accessible by certain individuals

Extensive security.

Capacity offers robust encryption, complete data privacy, and is GDPR, CCPA, and SOC 2 Compliant.

To ensure that team members are only able to access the information they should have access to, Capacity mirrors the permissions of each person in all of their applications using OAuth.

“The more we use Capacity, the better it gets at answering questions, which means we can proactively use our support staff to encourage the use of Capacity and enhance the knowledge base to support more and more inquiries.”

Lara Rausch
VP of Products and Training at PRMG
an abstract illustration of multiple question marks

State-of-the-art Natural Language Processing

Our bot was created with more than 40 algorithms, so it can understand and respond to questions regardless of spelling, industry jargon, and acronyms.

If the bot doesn’t understand right away, we use feedback to continuously improve the model.

an illustration demonstrating how Capacity uses algorithms to understand a question

“Capacity has allowed us to begin working with and serving students 24/7, 365 days a year, by providing us with the internal data and structuring systems to implement the first digital human life coaches in the United States.”

Dr. Mark Lombardi, PhD.
President of Maryville University
An image of a human receiving assistance from a chatbot
Capacity is providing information to a user based on their behavior by using machine learning.

Machine learning made simple.

It’s true. Our proprietary algorithms, NLP, Expert Finder, and more are supported by a framework of state-of-the-art machine learning models.

Capacity’s ML models work great out of the box and get better over time, by learning what your users like or don’t like—not by ingesting all their data.

“Capacity allows us to meet our customers wherever they want to be met. By providing customers with a self-service platform they can access 24/7, we can differentiate our company.”

Michael Brenning
President of Wholesale Lending at Amerisave
An abstract illustration of a chatbot's hand waving

Your privacy is our priority.

We want your team and customers to feel comfortable accessing information that they need when using our platform.

We never cache sensitive information on our servers. And we also don’t share any information that enters into our natural language processing system to third parties. Put simply, we never use your information without your expressed consent and understanding.

a conceptual illustration demonstrating the security of the capacity knowledge sharing platform