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Top 7 Reasons to Add Automation to Your Customer Service Strategy

by | Mar 17, 2023

The quality of CX (Customer Experience) is directly proportional to a company’s profitability. That’s why its improvement is quickly becoming one of the key business goals for companies around the globe.

Support is an integral part of a stellar customer experience. More than 85% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better CX. Customer service support automation can help keep the customer on board, answer questions timely, improve the experience, and help the support team focus on complex tasks.

Automated support comes in different shapes and sizes, helping your internal team and customers achieve their goals. Let’s look at several reasons why it should become a part of your customer service strategy.

Image showing a statistic about the customer experience.

Beat the competition with a better customer service strategy.

More than 90% of customers don’t complain about a problem. They leave the company and go to a competitor. So no matter how compelling your support team is, it may never even get a chance to shine.

That’s where self-service portals come in. More companies are giving consumers additional control over their journey by allowing them to find answers to their questions without contacting a human support specialist.

An AI-powered chatbot on a website can help:

  • A consumer navigate problem areas and drive a sale
  • Provide immediate answers and create a positive experience

Capacity’s sophisticated bot with natural language processing and machine learning capabilities can deal with most problems without rerouting customers to a human support team.

Graphic showing a chatbot conversation using NLP.

A customer service strategy supports the internal team

Support automation solutions don’t just improve your customer service strategy directly. They support your internal team as well.  

From figuring out what team members are responsible for which tasks to learning the vacation schedule, employees can have hundreds of questions daily. Pulling others from their jobs to provide answers can be counterproductive. By providing internal support, your team can:

  • Answer customers’ questions without worrying as much about their tasks.
  • Create a team that works smarter, not harder, toward improving customer experience.

Capacity’s fully integrated AI support solution helps your internal team find quick answers to various questions. This doesn’t just increase your company’s productivity but boosts employee satisfaction and reduces churn.

Feedback will fuel your customer service strategy 

Customer feedback is an integral part of your customer service strategy. It guides the company’s decision-making process, helps build brand loyalty, attracts new customers, and much more.

Gathering feedback from each customer is a challenge for many companies. Managing it is even more complicated. Staying behind the competition is easy without the right tools to generate, collect, and analyze feedback.

Customer service automation streamlines your feedback collection methods. The gathered data can become the driving force behind your sales, marketing, and growth decisions.

Capacity’s Surveys tool allows you to automate the feedback collection process. With the guided conversation tech, you can create highly efficient surveys and then seamlessly feed the results into your analytics software.

Speeding your customer service and support processes

More than 50% of consumers are likely to abandon the cart if they can’t find answers to their questions quickly. Meanwhile, nine out of ten consumers expect to get an answer to their support question within 10 minutes.

That’s why speed is a priority when it comes to customer support. Support specialists are often overwhelmed with tickets, trying to figure out how to prioritize consumers while ensuring the accuracy of their responses.

Customer support automation can speed up the process tremendously. From AI-powered chatbots to self-service portals, consumers can get responses within a second and proceed down the sales funnel seamlessly.

Improve brand loyalty with a better customer service strategy

Image showing how consumers value a brand's customer service.

According to Microsoft’s research, over 95% of consumers say that customer service is a vital factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. With new technologies appearing, expectations for customer service keep rising steadily.

When customers face a problem while interacting with a brand, it’s an excellent opportunity to cement their loyalty with stellar support. Most consumers are ready to “forgive” a company for an error if it delivers a top-notch customer experience.

When customers have a positive experience with the company, they are more likely to share it with others and become your brand ambassadors.

A proactive approach to customer service leads to retention

Customer service automation doesn’t just help solve consumer problems quickly and efficiently. With the right tools, it’s possible to analyze consumer behavior when interacting with customer support software to run a predictive analysis.

Understanding which problems your consumers often face make it possible to design a proactive approach to prevent them from occurring next time.

AI-powered systems can:

  • Help you identify and understand which problems proactivity can eliminate
  • Eliminate the manual, time-consuming task of gathering this data

Cutting costs with a great customer service strategy

Supporting large customer service teams can take a toll on companies of all sizes. With consumer demands rising every year, more and more work must be done to maintain high satisfaction levels.

Customer service automation can reduce the size of your support team by delegating various manual and repetitive tasks to AI-powered software. Meanwhile, the rest of the team can focus on complex tasks that demand human attention.

Capacity’s Helpdesk tools can help you cut support costs while improving customer experience daily.

Improve customer service strategy with Capacity

Adding support automation to your customer service strategy is integral to your company’s success. Failing to do the same with most businesses adopting various automation programs could mean losing market share.

Capacity offers a variety of valuable tools that can streamline your support automation, improve customer experience, and help your company become an industry leader.

Try Capacity today, or schedule a personalized demo!

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