Illustration of a support agent wearing a headset and sitting at a computer. Abstract shapes swirl around his head to depict the use of an AI-powered helpdesk.

Helpdesk Certifications

Like most career disciplines, there are certification programs for helpdesk personnel. They teach a combination of hardware, software, and customer service skills.

What certifications are available?

Helpdesk certifications are available in a wide range of disciplines, including:

  • Systems and network administration: Systems and network administrators oversee the daily operations of an organization’s computer systems, such as intranets, local area networks (LANs), and wide area networks (WANs).
  • Information technology and support technician: Also known as information and computer support specialists, these professionals assist companies or clients with their software or hardware support needs. Some technicians support IT departments while others assist end users who are having computer issues, either virtually or in the field.
  • Systems engineering: The field of systems engineering encompasses a wide range of disciplines, from software development to systems development and maintenance.

While helpdesk certifications are available at universities and community colleges, employee and customer support agents can also get certified online. Here’s an overview of popular training courses and the companies that offer them.

  • HubSpot Academy: Marketing and sales software developer HubSpot offers online training that will sharpen the skills of support teams using helpdesk software. Once your representatives learn how to set up your service hub, they will be able to quickly and efficiently leverage your company’s new support software.
  • ITIL Foundation: This popular training course teaches the fundamentals of customer support in addition to the mastery of helpdesk tools. Offered by Axelos, it helps your support agents understand and perfect ITIL best practices, which enable a superior IT service experience. Studies can be completed online or in person.
  • Google IT Support: If your staff doesn’t have an IT background or their customer service skills are fairly rudimentary, Google’s IT Support course teaches the fundamentals that will get them up and running, and even take their helpdesk careers a step further.
  • CompTIA A+: This popular online training provider teaches registrants the skills needed to advance their careers in IT and/or customer service. One of its strongest features is the security lesson, which advises your support personnel in how to handle and secure valuable data.
  • Network+: Also offered by CompTIA, this course is dedicated to network problems like faulty connections and security flaws. Your team will learn how to keep your assets up and running if a network issue arises.
  • Udemy IT Helpdesk Professional: This advanced customer service training course equips customer service and IT personnel to overcome the issues that are common in their respective roles. Subjects include operating system installation and application security analysis.
  • Microsoft IT Support: While this training program is based on Microsoft products and applications, it does address the basics of IT and customer support, which will be beneficial if your company uses Microsoft tools extensively.
  • HDI-CSR: This online course emphasizes the customer service aspect of helpdesk support, which is important if your tech teams are transitioning to external support roles. There is also live classroom training available.

Is it necessary to become certified?

While helpdesk personnel don’t technically have to become certified, this added step creates value for your company, as you’ll retain a support team that is trained and certified in both the hard skills and soft skills needed to resolve both employee and customer issues.