4 Benefits of Tying a Customer Service Chatbot to Your Centralized Knowledge Base

by | Jun 14, 2021

One of the best ways to provide a quality customer experience is with a customer service chatbot that can instantly answer frequently asked questions. This article will explore why it’s beneficial to have a chatbot connected to your centralized knowledge base and how this combination can vastly improve customer experience.

What is a centralized knowledge base?

A centralized knowledge base is where all of your customer service information, answers to frequently asked questions, and other relevant content can be stored.

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What is a customer service chatbot?

A customer service chatbot, like Capacity, is an online AI-powered platform that can answer customer questions and provide information about a company. Customers can access chatbots from a company website and via interfaces with other messaging platforms.

These chatbots work using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand what customers ask about in their messages. This means customers can ask the same question in multiple ways and still get a correct answer each time. 

Why is it beneficial to connect a chatbot to your centralized knowledge base?

There are four main advantages to using these two technologies in tandem.

Chatbots can instantly locate knowledge in the centralized knowledge base and send it to the customer.

Connecting a chatbot to a company’s knowledge base makes it easy for customers to get answers quickly and efficiently. If customers ask questions about products or services not listed online, they can have them answered without waiting to speak to a human agent because that information is available in the knowledge base.

In turn, customers are happy that they don’t have to wait on hold. It also reduces wait times overall because only the questions that need to be escalated to a human end up in the customer support queue. 

A customer service chatbot can help create knowledge base content.

It’s incredibly time-consuming for companies to collect and collate questions that customers want to be answered. Many businesses don’t even have a system for doing this, and those that do rely on human agents to log the information correctly even during busy periods.

World events, regulatory changes, and alterations to company policies can spark an influx of new inquiries.

An AI-powered support automation platform can seamlessly gather the inquiries and place the company response into the centralized knowledge database. This helps to keep the customer service chatbot up-to-date with what customers want.

A centralized knowledge database helps companies respond to customer inquiries faster during off-hours.

It can be expensive to maintain round-the-clock customer support with human agents. However, chatbots powered by AI software work 24/7. Being connected to a centralized knowledge base empowers the chatbot to provide fast, accurate customer solutions in real-time, even on holidays or weekends. 

Chatbots that utilize centralized knowledge databases free up employee bandwidth.

As AI-powered chatbots and other technologies learn more, tier-0 support can become automated, freeing up customer support teams and other employees to use their time elsewhere. Without all of the small support items bogging the queue down, team members can focus on support that needs a strategic resolution. Or they can get more creative with their time and turn their attention to improving customer experience and customer engagement.

Attention to freeing up bandwidth increases employee productivity but also job satisfaction and employee retention.

When should companies consider implementing a chatbot to improve customer service? 

Chatbots are an indispensable tool for any business with a large pool of existing and potential customers. They are particularly relevant for companies looking to grow and scale but don’t have a huge customer service team budget.

Financial services company AmeriSave wanted to create a chatbot that would resonate with its website visitors and answer their questions. AmeriSave white-labeled the bot and named it, Aussie, and made it publicly available to share documents and information from its centralized knowledge base. Consumers in the financial services industry often ask the same questions, so it only made sense to automate the process of answering the same questions over and over. 

Aussie enabled AmeriSave to reserve the human touch in customer service for users who need it while creating a conversational self-help channel to serve others.

For more information about AmeriSave’s implementation of its chatbot, read the detailed case study.

Try Capacity.

Chatbots that draw information from a centralized knowledge base provide fast, accurate solutions for customers, making them a powerful option for your brand. Customers get faster, better service while companies can empower employees to focus on higher-value tasks.

Capacity is an AI-powered support automation platform that empowers teams and customers to answer their questions and automated workflows. The platform connects apps, mines documents, captures tacit knowledge, and automates processes. Teams and customers can interact with the platform via a conversational chat feature.

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