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6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Helpdesk Partner

by | Jan 12, 2021

Gathering as much information as possible before selecting a particular helpdesk partner is advisable. There are many options on the market, but the best helpdesk platforms offer top-notch customer support and act as an extension to your team.

Sanjay Dutt, Global Head of Capability Development and Business HR Lead at EXL, says, “The Capacity team is dedicated to their clients’ success. Other providers want customers to conform to a rigid platform, or they emphasize technology over the ability to generate value for end-users. Capacity is more of a partner than a provider, which aligns well with our own corporate culture.”

Before choosing a helpdesk partner, here are six factors to consider.

1. Budget.

Although there are free helpdesk options out there, they may not be ideal for your organization because they only have a few features that you can explore. Note that employee satisfaction and enhanced customer experience should be part of your priorities when selecting a helpdesk partner. For that reason, setting aside a budget for this objective is a wise idea because it allows you to access quality support services.

A helpdesk partner that offers a flexible pricing model will prove ideal since they can offer the services you need in line with your budget and have provision for scaling, according to your company’s requirements. So, consider a helpdesk partner that can offer your company critical support and one that can grow with your business at the same time.

Capacity reduces the time and money spent answering repetitive questions and allows for a seamless escalation from tier-0 to tier-1 support. 

2. Efficiency.

Malfunction of IT systems always occurs at the wrong time or when you least expect it. The implication, in this case, is that you need someone on standby at all times to address any IT issues whenever they arise. The reason is that your entity loses time and money if your services vendor takes time to solve technical problems.

For example, if you cannot access your account and your helpdesk partner does not have staff working at night or over the weekend, you may have to wait longer than necessary before your normal operations resume.

Capacity’s AI-powered helpdesk is available 24/7. Capacity empowers your team with instant access to centralized knowledge, so your support team can focus on strategic goals and tasks that require higher-level thinking.

3. Processes.

There are many helpdesk service providers out there claiming to offer top-notch services, which suggests that identifying the right one may be a challenge. Opting for a provider with successful and proven processes in place should be your focus.

Capacity’s helpdesk is efficient, customizable, and repeatable. Capacity’s helpdesk solution improves both employee productivity and customer satisfaction. 

4. Service offerings.

A helpdesk partner cannot create a customizable experience for your company if they do not offer a wide range of options. In that case, you need to collaborate with your helpdesk partner to create a custom solution that focuses on value, continuous process improvement, cost-effectiveness, and business growth.

Capacity offers custom solutions to help teams do their best work. Capacity’s subscription pricing model starts with a core package that includes a state-of-the-art knowledge base and helpdesk. Additional features include live chat, articles, developer platform, app integrations, and a workflow builder. 

5. Integrations.

Integrating your business systems increases visibility and improves efficiency in one way or another. So, if your helpdesk can easily integrate with all of your apps, including proprietary applications, it will be an added advantage for your company. 

Capacity makes it easy to share knowledge and automate workflows by integrating with your most important day-to-day tools. With over 50 app integrations, Capacity empowers your best work. 

6. User experience.

Customers (both internal and external) expect information at their fingertips. A helpdesk should offer instant access to answers and a frictionless handoff to a live support agent. 

Capacity is able to answer more than 84% of all inquiries without human involvement. If Capacity doesn’t know an answer, the question is escalated to the appropriate internal team via a ticket or live chat, and the answer gets added to the Capacity knowledge base.


Identifying the right helpdesk partner has a direct impact on the ability to empower your support agents so they can be available for your clients at the right time. That promotes an omnichannel approach to customer engagement with the aim of building the right reputation, optimizing services, and enhancing customer experience.

Also, the details above highlight the fact that you need to conduct an internal analysis of the requirements of your enterprise before selecting a helpdesk partner. Once you are clear about the services that such a vendor should offer and why you need them, you will be able to identify the right partner to approach and work with going forward.

Investing in a helpdesk partner is not a process you can afford to rush. Otherwise, you will end up regretting making such a decision in the first place. So, you need to take time to evaluate the operations of your company and what you expect from a potential helpdesk services provider before deciding on the right partner. 

It is worth mentioning that a helpdesk partner will not only bear a direct impact on customer satisfaction, but they will also affect the efficiency of your company activities. The bottom line here is that the right helpdesk partner can enhance the image of your organization, which is critical if you want to realize an expansion of your operations.

Prioritizing the income-generating functions of your company is paramount, but you cannot realize profitability if you overlook certain functions including the delivery of quality services to clients. That is where a helpdesk partner comes in handy because they take the burden of engaging customers closely off your shoulders, and allow you to focus on business development.

Remember that the most important thing when selecting a helpdesk partner is realizing value for your enterprise and improving operational efficiency. The insight herein can help you achieve these, which will, in turn, allow you to realize value for money.