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Using AI to Elevate Your Members’ Experience and Uncover Unexpected Opportunities

by | Aug 13, 2020

If you’re considering investing in AI, you probably have a lot of questions. And, if you’re a member-centric organization, then you might be interested in uncovering how a forward-thinking credit union implemented AI and reaped substantial benefits. 

In the recent panel, Innovation that Scales: Adopting AI For Customer Satisfaction And Driving ROI for Teams of All Sizes, West Community Credit Union (WCCU) CEO Jason Peach shared his first-hand experience of using AI to supplement customer service operations and receiving a surprising return on investment. 

“To acquire new members, understand their needs, and keep them in this modern world, we need better intelligence about their issues and what they’re searching for. And, we need to meet them where they want to be,” shared Jason.

Keep reading if you’d like to create a better customer experience with AI.

Improve customer experience with AI.

Jason and his team implemented the Capacity-bot on their website so that their members and potential members would be able to self-serve to instantly find the information they needed. Here is what they experienced.

Primary effects: 

After implementing the AI-bot, the WCCU team received feedback from the people who interacted with it, whether they got the answer they needed or not. What they found initially was about 50% of the time, customers got what they needed. Over the last couple of years, that number has grown to 92%. And, the AI is now directing the WCCU team on how to organize content, where to place it, and what to emphasize on the website to improve the overall customer experience.

WCCU continues to learn how its members and consumers think as they visit the website to find information. With insight from the AI, WCCU continues to adapt and can now better direct its members to the information they’re looking for. 

Secondary effects:

If members can get what they need from our website, they no longer have to pick up the phone to find an answer. “We’ve seen our call-center overflow has diminished, and we’ve been able to reduce our support costs. We believe there’s correlation due to people getting the answers they need from their website,” said Jason.

Get ready for unexpected opportunities.

At Capacity, we’ve found that the savviest customers are looking to solve a specific problem or capture an opportunity. Though the use cases, industries, teams, and stakeholders are different from every opportunity, a lot of the goals are the same such as customer centricity, cutting costs, and improving the agent experience. By setting clear goals and creating a good plan, buy-in across the organization is easier to achieve and can be used to your advantage.

The number one recommendation we give our customers is to always make sure you’re collecting feedback from all the stakeholders involved, this includes C-suite, the team members using the tool, and the people in between. By getting their insight from the very beginning during the rollout, you’ll uncover a lot of information you normally wouldn’t, which can lead to those second-order benefits like content strategy, training, onboarding, etc.