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5 Problems an AI-Powered Chatbot Can Solve

by | Feb 18, 2020

We live in a self-serve world where consumers would rather search for the answers themselves. In fact, according to Microsoft, 90% of consumers expect an online portal for customer service.

Unfortunately, many businesses still force consumers to contact a support team to answer FAQs because the info isn’t easily accessible. If your organization is on the brink of automation, you may need to check out these big problems that could be solved by placing an AI-powered chatbot on your site (with a simple JavaScript snippet). 

Your support team is bogged down with level 0 questions. 

Your customers are bound to eventually need assistance, regardless if it’s during operating hours or not. Rather than waiting for your team to reply, customers and prospects could self-serve knowledge 24/7. An AI-powered chatbot has the ability to connect people with the information they would normally have to search for.

Websites hold a ton of information, however, no one wants to scour hundreds of pages for an answer that may or may not be there. By placing a chatbot on your website, consumers have an added avenue to access the knowledge they need. Rather than calling in, doing research online, or setting up an appointment, customers can streamline questions regarding pricing, product features, troubleshooting, and much more.

Your hold times are out of this world.

If your company isn’t staffed to handle the influx of daily questions, your employees have to take the brunt of answering these phone calls, which leads to potentially long hold times. 

With a chatbot on your website, calls will go down, which means your team is available to answer the calls that need a human touch. Fewer calls also mean your team won’t have to pass customers around to different teammates when they’re overwhelmed. By automating this level of customer support, you can alleviate the guessing and extra legwork that consumers try to avoid at all costs. 

We have customers who are seeing an initial 20% reduction in inbound calls after implementing Capacity’s AI chatbot. We expect this number to continue to grow as more consumers get comfortable with interacting with a bot.

You need insight into your customers’ needs and wants.

In addition to simply answering questions and solving problems, a chatbot can help provide companies with insight into customers’ wants and needs. 

A typical chatbot responds to hundreds of questions a day. All of those inquiries are helpful pieces of data that can help you understand your customers’ journeys and their main topics of interest. Knowing this information can help businesses be more predictive when offering services, and also become more attractive to prospects.

An AI-powered chatbot could also play a pivotal role in lead generation. In addition to the consumer insight they grant, some chatbots can capture lead data and automatically route it to a stakeholder’s email or the organization’s CRM.

You want to broaden your appeal to different audiences.

Consumers want instant gratification. Fewer and fewer people are willing to pick up the phone to get answers. If knowledge is difficult to find, abandonment rates rise and organizations lose the opportunity to compete for prospects’ dollars.

When a chatbot is connected to a knowledge repository and is available for public use, the pressure is off and the process is simplified. Prospective customers can assess the products and services offered, determine if their needs will be met, and access organizational knowledge, all without a phone call or support ticket. 

You want to improve your customer experience. 

Your customers’ expectations are often a moving target, so it’s important that your customer service is always consistent and convenient. And just to be clear, taking time to call or visit your business is typically perceived as an inconvenience. 

An AI-powered chatbot on your website can help steer them straight to the information they need without having to dig around. With instant answers available via your chatbot, customers can resume their day uninterrupted—which is ultimately the experience that every consumer wants

In addition, your team can deal with fewer service tickets overall. Rather than calling in to speak with a manager, customers can find solutions through the chatbot. 

Every organization, regardless of the industry, wants to go above and beyond for customers, and an AI-powered chatbot enables companies to get closer to better customer experience.