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Meet Our Customers’ Chatbots

by | Dec 21, 2020

Though Capacity was created to help teams do their best work, we’re also big advocates of having fun while doing it. At Capacity, our chatbot can easily be white-labeled to match the brand colors and personalities of our customers.  Many of our customers have taken full advantage of this feature to make their chatbot stand out and increase customer adoption. Picking a fun name can get employees to interact with the bot more as well. Explore a few examples of the personalities that our customers have created! 

Assurance Financial.

In 24 short months, Assurance Financial implemented 14 technologies to streamline loan origination and loan servicing for their loan officers and borrowers. Capacity was implemented to provide loan officers and borrowers with instant access to information from key systems through integrations. 

Before implementing this technology, the number one complaint that Assurance Financial got from borrowers’ was the amount of paperwork that they had to complete for a loan application. They used Capacity to create a digital loan assistant, Abby, to eliminate the paperwork for their borrowers. Abby can also assist the loan officers by informing them of everything going on in their day. This could include the loans that will close that day, appointments that are scheduled, tasks and alerts, or a list of leads to call. Abby can do all of this because it integrates with your LOS, personal calendars, company calendars, and more to share all the data that you would typically have to log in to access.

Fun Fact: Abby is named after a real person on their team. Abby Widmer is the Post Closing Manager at Assurance Financial.

Meet Abby.

Maryville University.

Maryville University’s vision is to be the innovative leader in higher education promoting a revolution in student learning that expands access and opportunities for all. In 2019, Maryville University teamed up with Capacity to make its vision a reality by automating incoming inquiries, the staff’s processes, and students’ decisions

Maryville University’s online program has been growing at a rate unlike other colleges in the U.S. To keep up with demand and ensure a top-notch experience for its students, leadership decided to introduce digital employees into their current workstreams. Maryville chose Capacity to operate as its digital platform and its first digital employee—Max. Max is a simple chatbot interface that Capacity added to Maryville’s orientation site to answer online students’ questions such as, “how can I contact my professor?” or “what are the library hours?” The goal was to get students’ questions answered 24/7 without human intervention. 

Learn more about Max.


Consumers want immediate gratification, and creating self-help channels where customers can access instant and valuable answers was a big undertaking for AmeriSave. They also know that personas resonate with consumers, so AmeriSave wanted to create an identity for their self-help channel to stand out in a crowded market. They believed the best way to bring this persona to life was to give it a personality and the ability to answer questions. They were impressed with Capacity’s speed and learning capabilities, so they implemented Capacity as the backbone of the persona. They came up with the persona, Aussie, to exude it’s brand personality while effectively sharing important documents and information with loan officers and borrowers.

Fun Fact:
Michael Brenning, AmeriSave’s President of Wholesale Lending, told us in an interview that Aussie is Australian and will add fun Aussie phrases in the answers such as bloke, mate, and sheila! 

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The PRMG team was actively looking for a solution where employees could access instant answers to their questions. Capacity gained their attention through its ability to instantly provide loan information to staff’s fingertips via the AI bot.

They started a COVID-19 pilot with Capacity to get a feel for the experience and gauge their employee’s interest in using the tool. Once the team provided positive feedback and we saw that it was easy to maintain and implement, we knew that we wanted to start using Capacity for day-to-day activities in the loan process.

PRMG now uses Capacity to advance and streamline the lending process for not only borrowers but also their loan originators and operational employees. When naming the bot, they chose to go with the acronym, MOBI, which stands for “My online business intelligence.” PRMG values the ability to point originators to the internal bot for answers regarding source material and the loan product.

Discover more about PRMG.