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A Follow-Up To Our COVID-Bot Takeaways

by | May 28, 2020

Time is flying by and it’s hard to believe that it has been a month since we shared our last blog about the biggest takeaways from our COVID bot. The data trends are constantly changing, and we wanted to do a quick follow up on how these stats are evolving.

Great insight via trends. 

Last month, one of the biggest trends from the COVID bot data revealed that as time went on during the pandemic, people were interested in the state of business and economy instead of how they could protect themselves from the virus

As time moved on, the questions showed that people were moving on from thinking only about surviving and focusing on how to thrive in business. 

This time around, the stats aren’t as black and white, but there are some interesting tidbits that can help us continue in our current reality. Now that it has been about 80 days since we started quarantining, people are ready to move on with their lives, which requires employers to make decisions about the new and upcoming policies. 

Remote work conversations. 

In the table, you’ll see that the Remote Work Dialogue section has been present throughout the pandemic, but as of late, it has become a bigger topic of conversation as companies like Twitter have made the decision to make remote work the new norm for its employees. As the pandemic has made room for a cultural reset, people everywhere are trying to figure out the perfect balance of the old office policies and the future work-from-home policies. 

You’ll also see sections reappearing after dropping off the table like Business Travel as people are anticipating a return to normal. Sections like Meetings Dialogue are also appearing for the first time as companies are maneuvering around ideas like hybrid work-from-home policies. While the world is still trying to figure out the best way to move forward with traveling and group settings, there’s no harm in asking and taking note of how others are moving forward. 

Safety concerns.

In the last two weeks on the table, some sections become non-existent, such as Symptoms and Testing and How to Protect Yourself From The Virus. However, people are still interested in the general topics of Health and Safety dialogue. This is refreshing to see a decrease in panic revolving around the virus but a consistent interest in health and safety policies. 

Corporate policies. 

You’ll notice that even during a pandemic, people continue to have questions about corporate policies. At Capacity, we know that teams want to access accurate and instant information wherever they are. The fact that this topic has been steady shows the importance of it regardless of what else is happening in the world. While it’s important to understand what people are asking during a pandemic, it’s equally important to monitor what your customers, employees, or users ask day-to-day. Without this information, it’s extremely difficult to adapt your business to meet changing demands. 

Our most up-to-date COVID-bot stats.

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, we will continue to monitor trends and feedback. Capacity, along with our partners at HR.com, will provide the most accurate information possible for users, so leaders can effectively guide their organizations’ change management.