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HR.com & Capacity Offer a FREE Coronavirus Chatbot

by | Mar 10, 2020

Along with our partners at world-renowned GPU provider, Nvidia, and professional services icon, EXL, the human resources community, HR.com, has been among the most proactive businesses in addressing the coronavirus.

As a leading provider of human resources knowledge, news, and policies, HR.com pays close attention to what its audience finds most valuable. As the concern about COVID-19 has increased, so has the number of conversations around workplace policies.

Guidelines regarding personal hygiene, modified office hours, work from home, and sick leave are being closely examined in the light of the coronavirus outbreak, and millions of professionals are using HR.com as a resource to make policy decisions.

HR.com has teamed up with Capacity to deploy an AI-powered conversational interface. The bot was integrated with HR.com’s existing website and knowledge base, and deployed in minutes with a simple code snippet.

See the HR.com press release and chatbot offer here!

From this embedded portal, internal and external users alike can find the latest updates, hygiene best practices, and more. Importantly, guidelines and news updates are being pulled directly from high-authority sources like the CDC and WHO websites. But instead of manually mining various sites for information, Capacity instantly responds to users via a chat window.

Any organization that wants to empower its team with COVID-19 information can request access to a pre-loaded knowledge base completely free of charge.

With answers to dozens of related questions built into the knowledge base, Capacity’s bot is ready to be deployed on any internal HR site at a moment’s notice. Once integrated, teammates can instantly self-serve information, news updates, and best practices regarding coronavirus prevention and treatment.

Orgs that want to customize the bot’s responses or include additional business-specific information should contact our team directly for assistance. No matter the industry, policies, or existing communication methods, Capacity can be integrated to make knowledge easily accessible.

All clients: equipped for emergencies.

As an AI-powered support automation platform, Capacity’s purpose within a business is to empower teams and customers with instant knowledge. Every tool we’ve equipped Capacity with carries out a crucial piece of that mission.

Capacity is a powerful partner in the face of a crisis through guided conversations, broadcast, or any of the other technologies engineered to keep orgs connected. As the number of people impacted by COVID-19 rises, our team will continue to work closely with our clients to ensure the most up-to-date information for maximum safety.

For official updates on COVID-19, please visit the Department of Health and CDC websites.