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How to Identify AI Opportunities for Your Business

by | May 8, 2024

AI is the buzziest of business buzzwords these days. While you probably know that it will transform your business, you’re not alone if you feel confused about where to start. 

Many business leaders struggle to identify business opportunities with AI, but your competitors aren’t resting on their laurels. Two-thirds of organizations plan to increase their AI investment in the next three years. Now is the time to form an AI plan and identify AI opportunities. 

Starting from scratch probably feels daunting. AI is a wide-reaching and powerful technology that can do everything from automating simple tasks to creating content. With so much potential for your business, you probably need some AI consulting services to help you prioritize, evaluate and implement AI opportunities. 

At Capacity, we have a team of pros partnering with clients to conduct analysis and develop customized plans to increase productivity, eliminate inefficiency and boost customer and employee satisfaction with AI. 

We’ve learned a few things working with more than 2,000 brands to design and implement AI and automations. While every business has its unique challenges, there are some areas where we commonly identify AI opportunities. 

You may be overlooking opportunities in one of these four areas: 

  1. Customer Support Email Automation: Today’s customers are asking for more, faster. We see it all the time. Helpdesks are overwhelmed with email and ticket traffic. Automation can help your business support employees and customers 24/7 without straining your resources. For example, AI and automation tools can read and respond to incoming emails before your team sees them.
  2. Agent Assist: Neither customers nor agents want to spend a long time on the phone resolving issues. Too often agents don’t have the answers they need to get to a quick resolution, and customers get frustrated. An AI-powered bot can guide agents with information directly from a knowledge base. Tools from Capacity can coach agents on what to say, ensuring accurate issue resolution and a consistent customer experience, regardless of the agent. Answers are continually stored in the knowledge base, so your team gets smarter the longer you use our technology. 
  3. Employee Onboarding: There are a lot of time-consuming onboarding steps for HR teams. Every new employee needs benefits, policies and tech and their fingertips. With the right tools, new hires can easily access resources and ask as many questions as they want.
  4. Resource Scheduling: Business moves fast and your team members need to be on-location at the right time and place. Regardless of industry, if you have professionals on-the-go, your team is likely struggling to manage calendars and keep clients up-to-date. AI-powered tools can help you automate status updates and communicate with clients via email, social, SMS and more.

The possibilities with AI and automation are virtually endless, which can feel both exciting and pretty overwhelming. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone. There are AI consulting services that can assist. 

The team at Capacity offers a customized AI Assessment that will help you identify opportunities, prioritize solutions and implement new technology.  We will help you design a roadmap for your AI future. 

Ready to get started? Visit AIAssessment.com to learn more about AI consulting and connect with our team. The next step in your AI future is just a few clicks away.