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5 Enterprise AI Use Cases You Can Leverage in Your Business

by | Aug 24, 2021

The enterprise AI market was recently valued at USD 796.3 million. It’s no surprise that we are seeing more enterprise use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) every day. This article will explore some enterprise AI use cases business owners can leverage today.

What is enterprise AI?

Enterprise AI is a type of enterprise software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate business processes. In enterprise AI, pre-programmed routines and algorithms are used to replace human interactions and decision-making for enterprise processes to increase efficiency.

AI-powered enterprise software solutions can help companies reduce costs associated with tedious, non-value-added tasks. This allows employees to spend more time on higher-value activities that drive the company forward.

Here are some ways that businesses can deploy enterprise AI.

Use enterprise AI to automate customer service.

Customer service is a great enterprise AI use case because it’s generally handled by humans and is often one of the most draining and expensive aspects of the business. Not only does enterprise AI help automate customer service by using pre-programmed routines and algorithms to replace human interactions and decision-making, but it also helps personalize interactions with customers. This increases customer satisfaction and retention, resulting in more repeat customers.

LeaderOne was founded in Kansas City in 1992 and has grown to originate over $1 billion in mortgages annually. Their commitment to exceptional customer service is based on three key principles: respect for others, keeping your word, and treating people fairly.

They worked with Capacity, a full suite automation support platform, to overhaul their business processes and implement a customer service chatbot on its website. Their chatbot, known as L.O.I.S., answers borrower questions through a user-friendly interface powered by natural language processing (NLP).

Read this case study to see how L.O.I.S. is reducing stress for borrowers and improving customer experience by answering their questions promptly and accurately.

Use enterprise AI to generate leads.

Converting a new lead or prospect into a paying customer is the core of enterprise success. Enterprise AI platforms like Capacity provide enterprise artificial intelligence marketing solutions that can help you automate your marketing process to find and convert prospects into leads and paying customers.

Using enterprise AI, your enterprise can identify potential leads and interact with them to understand engagement preferences. This may involve chatbots, enterprise AI software that imitates human conversation through real-time interactions with users. Chatbot enterprise AI programs include a series of pre-set responses or questions that help you engage more effectively with leads and prospects.

Use enterprise AI for data analysis.

AI can help your enterprise generate revenue through customized sales recommendations based on customer history and preferences. By analyzing your data, an AI system can output these types of recommendations. This is especially beneficial for B2B enterprises, where enterprise AI use cases such as lead generation are constantly in play.

Enterprise AI can help owners predict reactions to products and services in the market by reviewing historical trends and identifying areas of opportunities. This helps enterprise owners create new offerings, refine existing ones, or abandon certain projects altogether, so they are not wasting resources on products that are likely to fail.

Use enterprise AI to improve the employee experience.

When an organization implements AI solutions like Capacity, everyone’s job is easier, no matter what position they have. 

Most project management software is built for the manager to see their team’s progress. Capacity, however, benefits the entire organization. One of its core functions is to centralize all enterprise data into one place and to make it accessible for everyone. It democratizes knowledge through a knowledge management system that includes built-in security so that people can only access the information they need.

For example, USA Mortgage has over 600 employees in 71 separate locations across 19 states. The company believes that family is the fundamental backbone of their organization and that investing in their team sets them apart.

As well as having an Employee Stock Ownership Program, USA Mortgage has invested heavily in technology to change the way they close loans.

Read this article to find out how Capacity has helped their employees shorten the loan process from weeks to days.

Use enterprise AI to detect fraud.

Understanding enterprise fraud requires the ability to analyze massive amounts of data. This enterprise AI use case involves using enterprise tools and programmable models to analyze, predict, and prevent fraud. The enterprise AI software then generates a series of alerts that your business can use to detect fraudulent behavior before it occurs.

Get started with AI solutions.

AI technology is making enterprise life easier for companies across the globe. Whether your organization provides financial, healthcare, training, and development, or any other services, enterprise AI solutions are your key to success. However, it can be difficult to know where to start.