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LeaderOne Delivers Exceptional Experiences with a CoPilot

Founded in 1992 in Kansas City, MO, LeaderOne is rooted in the Midwestern values of respect, keeping one’s word, and treating people fairly. As LeaderOne expanded into more than 70 branches and over 500 employees, they have maintained those principles, allowing them to provide clients and referral partners with exceptional mortgage experiences. Today, LeaderOne originates over a billion dollars in mortgages annually and services over $600 million in conventional and government loans.

Buying a house is stressful. Borrowers have questions at every step of the process, from how to qualify for a loan to what to expect at closing.

Fortunately, many of these questions have standard answers that a solution like L.O.I.S. can manage. By crawling LeaderOne’s dynamic knowledge base of loan documents, state and federal regulations, and more, L.O.I.S. can usually find solutions. 

L.O.I.S. is LeaderOne’s chatbot, powered by Capacity. Short for “LeaderOne Information System,” L.O.I.S. is a tireless, always-on digital worker who answers users’ questions through a friendly AI-powered chat interface.

But L.O.I.S. can’t answer everything. Unlike humans, computers can’t receive information from multiple sources at the same time, break it down, and apply logic to it. Countless subtleties such as context, tone of voice, and past experiences also play a role in their decision-making. 

That’s where CoPilots like Jeremy Grafke come in. He works as a human-in-the-loop to complete the cycle of knowledge sharing for LeaderOne using Capacity’s support automation platform.

Discover more about LeaderOne’s chatbot, L.O.I.S., and how organizations can reskill staff to CoPilots roles like Jeremy in the recent article featuring LeaderOne.