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5 Steps to Implementing Support Automation

by | Jan 29, 2021

Support automation helps companies improve the customer experience by offering automated solutions. Not only does support automation lead to happier customers, it also leads to happier employees and less turnover. When your company automates support for repetitive questions and processes, it frees up your employees to focus on tasks that require higher-level thinking. 

Now for the bigger step: How do you go about implementing this technology so it works efficiently? Take a look at these five steps to help you move forward without slowdowns.

1. Implement Live Chat

The use of live chat perhaps never crossed your mind to allow employees fast information when needed.  With Capacity’s live chat feature, an agent can seamlessly jump into a conversation when the customer needs to speak with a live person. 

Capacity is powered by artificial intelligence, meaning it continues to learn based on  interactions with users. Over time, it becomes smarter and the knowledge base grows.

Implementing a chatbot is simple, as it has little to no learning curve. For new hires, having a chatbot available to answer all of their questions is the ultimate in top-tier training.

For your helpdesk staff, this takes a load off the pressures they constantly face. How many help tickets have they fallen behind on in the past by taking on every question on their own? An AI-powered chatbot is now the most significant aspect of support automation to allow your human staff time to focus on tasks that require higher-level thinking.

2. Create an Advanced Helpdesk

Using the chatbot discussed above can also help your support team create something better than what they already have. A helpdesk can expand into the use of numerous technologies, including going beyond chatbots.

A helpdesk can mean further use of machine learning where AI understands what employees need at any given time. This includes when they simply need to look up information on their apps.

Evolving this further is the prospect of creating a centralized knowledge base, one where everyone can answer their own questions without having to be placed on hold. The technology here helps both employees and customers if your support team can’t keep up with phone call inquiries.

A knowledge base is the real secret to an enhanced support system. For training new employees, as well, it’s an invaluable tool to make work autonomy a real concept.

3. Utilize Tacit Knowledge

As you bring in new hires to your support team, the training to get them up to speed can be overwhelming. After all, they have to become experts to help pass on pertinent information to employees and customers.

Finding the time to adequately train employees can be challenging. It’s also expensive and takes weeks of time, leading to slowdowns in productivity. Chaos like this is not what you need to start off a new year.

Your best step is to utilize tacit knowledge, or knowledge your past employees shared with your company. How you capture that knowledge requires some A-list digital tools.

Capacity has the ability to capture tacit knowledge into its database, so your support team can take all previous knowledge and use it to their advantage. Artificial intelligence organizes the information in a way that provides simple answers to complex questions.

4. Offload All Your FAQs

How many of your FAQs turn into drudgery for your support team because they keep answering those questions over and over? Sometimes employees and customers still call support if they don’t quite understand the FAQs available.

The way to bring support automation to this problem is to use the above technologies, plus the use of Guided Conversations. A technology like this helps guide people to the proper resources for the problem they’re trying to solve.

With a Guided Conversation, the person seeking support basically chooses their own path to gaining knowledge. Look at it as a new kind of “Choose Your Own Adventure” book.

Much of this works through an AI bot guiding one’s way to an answer. A Guided Conversation is easily tweaked to either keep using the same answers or provide different answers based on specific changes occurring over time.

5. Integrate All Your Apps

To make your support and helpdesk operations work efficiently, your team needs quick access to all the business apps your company uses. How can you get those apps to integrate well without making it complicated?  

Capacity integrates multiple popular business apps without any issues. It does this using automation itself and removing the problem of depending on data silos to retrieve information.

Adding to this is the ability to have further knowledge base features through the Capacity platform. All of your apps and Capacity working together brings the best of support automation. Also, it brings real relief to your support team, who can use these apps to find data in seconds.

The bottom line is that it increases productivity and employee satisfaction, as well as reduces turnover.