The right knowledge to the right people.

Shared knowledge is only as good as the permissions that govern it. Know exactly what your team will know.

  • Built for the enterprise

    SSO, LDAP, and group & location-based permissions make it easy for large enterprises to share the right knowledge to the right team members.

  • Groups, groups, and more groups

    Create groups based on department, location, office, team—you name it—and securely share your org’s knowledge to the correct audience, every time.

  • One question, many answers

    A question might have a different answer for a different office or department. With Capacity, you can calibrate your AI-assisted knowledge base to fit your org’s needs.

The knowledge they need, the security you demand.

Your team comes in many forms: admins, contributors, viewers, etc. Rest easy knowing that the need-to-know are need-to-know.

Is your org in-the-know?

Organization-wide access to the right knowledge at the right moment means more productive, efficient, empowered,
and more loyal team members.