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The right knowledge to the right people.


Shared knowledge is only as good as the permissions that govern it. Know exactly what your team will know.

An abstract image that shows the capacity dashboard's user permissions
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Built for the enterprise

SSO, LDAP, and groupd & location-based permissions make it easy for large enterprises to share the right knowledge to the right team members.

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Groups, groups, and more groups

Create groups based on department, location, office, team- you name it – and securely share your org’s knowledge to the correct audience, every time. 

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One question, many answers

A question might have a different answer for a different office or department. With Capacity, you can calibrate your AI-assisted knowledge base to fit your org’s needs.

The knowledge they need, the security you demand.

Your team comes in many forms: admins, contributors, viewers, etc. Rest easy knowing that the need-to-know are need-to-know.

An illustration that shows how Capacity only enables the right team members to see certain information.
An illustration that shows questions that a user would ask Capacity

Is your org in-the-know?


Organization-wide access to the right knowledge at the right moment means more productive, efficient, empowered,
and more loyal team members.