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Capacity Integrates With OpenAI to Increase Customer Support Efficiency, Quality, and Productivity

by | Apr 18, 2023

ST. LOUIS, Mo., April 18, 2023 – Capacity, the AI-powered support automation tool, announces the integration of OpenAI into its helpdesk solution. Following a stringent security vetting process, Capacity has added OpenAI API that is SOC-2 compliant into their Helpdesk platform. With the addition of the AI-powered natural language interface to the platform, customers gain the power of generative AI with control over the risks. Capacity users can now use OpenAI to increase customer support efficiency by providing higher quality responses to customers in seconds at no added cost. 

“I’m really excited this collaboration has passed through our security vetting process. With it, we’re looking to help customer service teams improve their efficiency, quality, and productivity using AI.” said Capacity’s VP of Product, Mike Hunigan. “We built this feature into the Helpdesk as a way to address common challenges support reps face every day, like generating appropriate responses, adjusting tone, summarizing a conversation, expanding on an idea, or IDing action items. This is just the beginning of our relationship with GPT. There’s so much opportunity to continue innovating to save our customers time, stress, and money.”  

The addition of generative AI will support companies looking to streamline support operations, reduce response times, and enhance the clarity and effectiveness of their responses to customers. The new feature addresses the daily challenges front-line support workers face, giving support representatives five unique AI-powered tools to enhance the user experience for customers and support representatives alike. 

The OpenAI integration with Capacity will help support representatives in five primary ways. Companies can use the feature in Capacity to:

  • Suggest a response to customers, saving representatives time in responding to customer inquiries. 
  • Improve a response, adjusting clarity and tone for more engaging communications.
  • Expand in detail on a response, helping representatives provide more detailed information to enhance customer understanding. 
  • Summarize an issue and conversation, identifying and consolidating crucial information from customers for better team collaboration. 
  • List action items from a conversation, collecting key tasks and takeaways for better operational efficiency. 

OpenAI inside of Capacity is available now at no additional cost to current packages. For more information on Capacity’s Helpdesk technology, please visit capacity.com

About Capacity 

Founded in 2017, Capacity is a support automation platform that uses AI to promote self-service, providing immediate Tier 0 and Tier 1 support for customers and internal teams. Capacity answers over 90% of FAQs and escalates more pressing, nuanced issues to the right person. Capacity works across chat, email, and SMS to help teams do their best work.

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Murph Krajewski, VP of Marketing