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Meet The New Faces at Capacity

by | Apr 28, 2021

We’ve been working remotely at Capacity since March 2020. While the transition from in-office to remote work has made it harder to connect with new employees when we onboard them, it has also opened up the opportunity to hire out-of-state employees. 

Meet Lukas Adams, Data Labeler;  Mike Carney, Front End Team Lead; and Hannah Hinton, Senior Designer! We want to make sure our newest team members feel as welcome as possible even if we don’t see them every day. If you’re reading this article, do us a favor and give them a shout via LinkedIn!

What brought you to Capacity?

Though Capacity is a small start-up in St. Louis, MO, we bring on a lot of our new hires from word of mouth. “I found out about Capacity through a mutual connection, and I was immediately interested after learning more about the company culture and the talent,” shared Lukas. 

Some of our team members come from mutual connections of friends, associates, and even classmates. Hannah was recruited by a member of our Marketing team who was a fellow graduate of Saint Louis Community College. “Honestly, it was out of the blue and I wasn’t very familiar with Capacity at the time, but Chelsey only had wonderful things to say about working here, and I immediately felt like it would be a perfect fit for me,” said Hannah. “Each interview I had made me more certain I would love it.” 

And sometimes the great talent just comes to us without having to search. “Capacity had a lot of the items that I was looking for in my next role,” said Mike. “I was looking for a smaller company, with a great culture, and an awesome product suite with a lot of growth potential.” 

Regardless of how it happens, bringing new team members on board is a great experience! 

What did you do before joining the team?

Another thing that we love about our team is the vast array of backgrounds. By bringing on team members with different work and life experiences, it ensures that we can continue to grow and build with different perspectives, which keeps us unique. 

Before joining Capacity, Hannah worked as a designer at a local marketing and advertising agency and dabbled in freelance design work. Mike led various development teams on many other projects mostly with larger companies in the St. Louis area. Lukas recently graduated from Missouri State University where he studied Mass Media and Business and interned at a local Digital Marketing agency.

What are you most excited about in your new role?

With new roles and new teammates comes more opportunities. We’re excited to welcome these new faces to our team and see all that they have to offer. 

“Overall, I’m most excited about working with the team and having a direct impact on the product,” said Mike. “I am also excited to get to see the office (when we get to go back in) and collaborate on the whiteboard walls.”

As a graphic designer, Hannah says she is most excited to continue building the Capacity brand. Check out her artwork on our recent blogs and social posts!

And as a Data Labeler, Lukas tells us that he is most excited to tackle projects that help move Capacity’s features forward. 

What stands out to you about Capacity?

At Capacity, we have made it our mission to help teams do their best work. And we don’t think that’s possible without a supportive environment. It’s great hearing that our new teammates have such positive things to say about our people and culture!

“Every single person has been so kind, welcoming, and supportive,” said Hannah. “I feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of this amazing group of people.”

Mike summed it up in two words, The culture. “It is very different from anywhere else I have been (in a good way) and I am excited to see how it is once we can collaborate in person,” he explained. 

Lukas mentioned the continuous growth of Capacity and our sister organization, Prepare.ai. “None of those would be possible without the amazing people that are involved in both,” he said.  

Tell us something unique about yourself.

We value having a fun and supportive environment, and we celebrate all successes along the way. So we thought it would be cool to highlight some of the fun and quirky facts about our new teammates! 

Mike is always interested in learning and trying new things. “This could be anything from trying new food, discovering new technology, or traveling to new places,” he said. 

“I love cooking, baking, and trying new recipes,” said Hannah. “As much as I love food, I’ve realized that cooking for others brings me lots of joy.” She has the cookbooks to prove it!

Lukas told us that he has quite an interesting collection. “I own 45 Hawaiian shirts that I wear routinely through the summer.” He’s all about the good vibes!