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What are some examples of knowledge management?

by | Dec 20, 2019

At its core, knowledge management is the discipline of capturing, organizing, and deploying all the data and experience available to your organization. A few popular examples of knowledge management include:

  • Internal/External Feedback: Storing employee and customer-sourced feedback is a fantastic example of knowledge management. Across all industries, understanding the collective experience users have with a given product or service allows for continuous, guided improvement.
  • Best practices documentation: From engineering to accounting, teams are constantly encountering and solving new challenges. Recording these issues and the resulting solution is a must-do for improving workflows and onboarding new employees.
  • Help desks: Engineered to deliver timely, helpful responses to inbound questions, help desk software allows organizations to use knowledge to enhance the customer experience. Additionally, historical data gathered through a help desk can shed light on common product pain points.