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How Our Engineering Team Uses the Product they Built

by | Nov 1, 2022

Not unlike other companies, at Capacity, we [really, truly] believe that our platform has the power to transform businesses, including our own. 

This is part 3 of our series, “How Capacity Uses Capacity”, and this one features our Engineering team and shares the highlights of how they use the product they are literally building.

Info in Seconds

Bob Benedict, Capacity’s VP of Engineering, explains how his team uses the Knowledge Base that lives inside the Capacity platform to find information in a timely manner. 

It begins with being able to find and share internal info about Engineering quickly. Bob explains, “if I need to quickly file a ticket in Jira, I just type ‘create ticket’ in our Slack integration. Need to see the company holidays or file a PTO request?  We can do the whole thing with just a few keyboard strokes. Ask a question, and get the answer you need in just a few seconds.”

He also cites transparency as a major bonus. “Anyone can go to the Capacity app in Slack and type ‘Engineering OKRs’ to see all of our goals for the quarter. We believe in full transparency, and Capacity helps us share that.”

A Place for Processes

Mariah Lightfoot, a Software Engineer and a member of our APPS team, uses Capacity to “store common team questions and access articles. This is helpful to get a refresher on how a process should work, like how to upload a CSV file into the platform.” Similar to Bob, Mariah explains that the entire APPS team “uses the knowledge base to find immediate answers” to all kinds of internal engineering questions and answers.

Martin Cheng, Senior Software Engineer uses Capacity for managing internal integration testing, but also shared that “Capacity also helps us organize data and find it quickly.”

Engineers and tech wizards have extremely limited time when it comes to large, intricate sprints and projects. Using Capacity cuts down interruptions and miscommunication so the team can focus on building, well…more Capacity!

Fewer Shoulder Taps

Engineering teams are often large and complex, with multiple processes that need to be accessed quickly. James Cain, Senior Engineering Manager uses the Capacity Knowledge Base for team-specific FAQs and for “sharing status updates within the broader organization.” 

Similar to his teammates, he cites reduced interruptions as a game-changer. James explains “While we are very collaborative, having the option to ping Slack or the Capacity Concierge to quickly get an answer allows us to focus on our work and saves us time.”

James also cites Articles, which lives inside the Capacity platform as a great place for 

“technical feature documentation, team member onboarding, and other internal/external documentation.” 

Engineering Runs on Capacity

This is just a small use case within our Engineering team that highlights why our clients choose Capacity. We think James says it best:

The benefit of having an integrated platform is that we can create documentation as an Article. Rather than searching for it later, we can just ask the Capacity Concierge in Slack a related question and it will respond with a snippet of information or a direct link to the Article.”

Capacity can do a lot but at the end of the day, we’re all about giving time back to teams, especially our own. Crush over 90% of tickets before they ever hit an inbox or live chat. Access info in seconds, and reduce shoulder taps and task-switching.