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Stop the presses.

Capacity’s Articles enable you to intuitively create and share dynamic content org-wide.

abstract illustration of the Capacity knowledge base

The knowledge processor.

Capacity Articles behave less like static documents and more like a collection of living, breathing conversations just waiting to be held.

capacity article creation

A lively conversation.

Most site managers require a fair amount of hands-on maintenance. Need to publish the same content in multiple places? Well, you’re going to have to update every single article in question.

Not so with Capacity.

With Capacity’s Articles, you can publish duplicate knowledge across multiple pages. When a particular piece of information is updated, every related article is instantly refreshed.

an employee asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a financial services question and the platform answering using natural language processing
An illustration that shows how Capacity only enables the right team members to see certain information.

You’re the editor-in-chief.

Publish instantly, or schedule a site to go live after a period of time. Make it evergreen, or set an expiration date.

Plus, with Capacity Groups, you can decide which teams have access to which knowledge based on their role, expertise, department, geolocation—you name it.

It’s your knowledge, and you’re going to have total control of exactly how and when it’s disseminated.

Available wherever and whenever you need it.

No matter the device, no matter the interface—Slack, MS Teams, Confluence, SharePoint, intranet—your Articles are instantly accessible to the people who need the answers they hold.

And when your team has the knowledge they need (whenever and wherever they need it), satisfaction, productivity, and revenue per employee will never be the same.

So, let’s see what your team can really do.