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How to Improve the Employee Experience

by | Feb 5, 2020

Just as a company can’t succeed without the right employees, it also can’t succeed if its employees begrudge their work. This is true in any sector. When you improve EX, you also improve the following by default:

  • Employee engagement
  • Retention
  • Turnover
  • Recruitment of top talent
  • Onboarding
  • Development
  • Productivity
  • Customer service
  • Revenue

Start with technology and AI.

With the right AI tools, your company can listen more actively to the needs and wants of employees. You can even accurately anticipate what employees will want in the future. You can then make associated modifications when needed. You might even use AI tools to predict turnover and the reason behind the turnover.

Using AI to improve employee experience and predict turnover

So, AI can help your company come up with a more personalized EX to help improve employee satisfaction and engagement. The talent war is a constant battle. It’s always important to stay on top of the pulse with the right tools and algorithms.

Listen to and implement employees’ opinions.

Employees are no longer satisfied with top-down orders. If your company feels the need to update workflows, policies, working conditions, or the physical environment in general, then take feedback from employees’ first and implement some of their ideas.

Have fun!

It’s also important to celebrate the promotions, anniversaries, work wins, home purchases, or births—you name it. Just celebrate and make time for it.

Here are a few other successful ways to improve EX:

  • Implement upskilling programs
  • Design a useful and attractive workspace
  • Create an employee-led culture
  • Map the employee journey
  • Use internal communications as a way to gain trust and build connections with your onsite and offsite employees
  • Invest in a great onboarding experience
  • Offer multiple options for employee wellness
  • Take regular surveys on a variety of topics and employee benefits
  • Utilize employee feedback
  • Share customer feedback
  • Deploy career development programs
  • Offer training for managerial positions