An illustration of 3 employees working on their computers and utilizing enterprise ai

Education and Certification

Automation, machine learning, and the utilization of advanced computer systems and applications define the occupations which can be found in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Prospects wanting to explore employment in this profession must obtain special training premised on a statistical, technical, rational, and engineering basis. Sought-after AI specialists are expected to have excellent written and verbal communication skills, because they will have to explain how AI solutions offer advantages within a variety of settings.

AI has been a sensible profession for several years, owing to the rising implementation of technology throughout various business sectors and the need for the right candidates to work in the emerging fields.

Important courses to consider:

  • Bayesian networking (including neural networks)
  • Computer science (gain coding experience with popular programming languages)
  • Cognitive science theory
  • Engineering
  • Physics
  • Robotics
  • Various levels of mathematics (algebra, calculus, logic and algorithms, probability, and statistics).

Those seeking to step into an AI career must have good technical skills and coding abilities in languages such as C++ as well as experience with algorithms. It helps to add general business knowledge to the AI education path. Also, ensure that any instruction you receive is functional.

You can move directly into algorithms and begin coding if you’re already a programmer and you’d like to upskill into a career in AI. So, it is crucial to know how to code languages such as R, Python, Java, and C++. Additionally, it makes it easier to grasp constructs such as data structures and classes.

You might also opt to beef up your credentials with certifications.

Remember that before selecting a certification program, ensure that it has a global validation from industry experts. There are many certifications available such as:

  • Machine Learning AI Certification by Stanford University provided by Coursera
  • IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate provided by Coursera
  • Artificial Intelligence Certification by Columbia University provided by edX
  • Microsoft Professional Certification in Artificial Intelligence
  • ARTIBA Artificial Intelligence Certification