Customer Onboarding Process

Get up and running within 30-45 days.

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Transition from Sales to Customer Success

Your Capacity salesperson will introduce you to your Customer Success Manager, VP of Customer Success, a member of our Customer Support team, and the Solutions Engineering Lead for integrations (if applicable). Prior to the initial call, your salesperson will make sure that everyone on the Capacity team is fully aware of your goals from the beginning, so we can efficiently set your team up for success.

Build Your Knowledge Base

To expedite the implementation process, it’s critical to provide us with information as quickly as possible. The more information you want Capacity to learn, the more time it will take to train and test. We recommend customers start with 250 frequently asked questions for the initial set up to make sure everything is up-and-running within the timeline. You can always add more questions later.

Connect Your Apps

Integrating with apps is more common for customers with an internally-focused use case. If you want Capacity to connect with any apps, it’s important that you share information to get your integrations set up along with the information that you want to be added to your knowledge base. This enables our App Integration Specialist to secure proper connection prior to testing and training.

Train Your CoPilots

CoPilots are the individuals who will be dedicated to managing your knowledge and mapping new questions. During training, all CoPilots will have secure access to the back-end of Capacity called the CoPilot Console. We’ll provide instructor-led training to show your CoPilots how to load information into the knowledge base, create folders, manage the Helpdesk, find and use our Analytics, and update settings.

Test and Train the AI

We ask our customers to gather a dedicated group of users to test and train the AI before rolling it out. This includes asking as many questions as possible and seeing what information Capacity will return as an answer. The testing process is simple: If the answer is correct, give it a thumbs up. If the answer is incorrect, give it a thumbs down. Our Customer Support team will analyze the results from the test and share any trends that might have become apparent.

Measure Success

We’ll work with your team to define your guidelines for success. We will make sure to share this information with your team during our recurring meetings. If you’re wondering how Capacity is performing, you don’t need to wait for a scheduled meeting with the Capacity team. It’s very easy to see this information at any time through the Analytics Dashboard.

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