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Types of Chatbots

by | Jan 8, 2020

Since there isn’t a one-size-fits-all chatbot, there are varying types that can work with different industries. Whether internal or external, chatbots can be used to solve nearly any business pain point. For instance, an internal HR-focused chatbot can be used to guide your new hires throughout the onboarding phase. On the other hand, you might use an external sales chatbot to help increase revenue and achieve monthly targets.

Sales chatbot.

The sales chatbot will guide your customers through the buyer’s journey. These chatbots can be integrated with sales applications such as your CRM system to reference customer profiles, update lead information, and positively affect the pipeline. Chatbots can even be designed to help manage complex sales processes. Whether rule-based or RPA-powered, your chatbot can even be designed to automatically cross-sell or upsell.

Chat bubble from a sales chatbot asking a buyer "Do you need batteries today?"

Lead generation chatbots.

These types of chatbots can verify incoming leads and assign the right salesperson as well as label the lead as cold, warm, or hot. Further, they can ask leading questions to guide prospects to the right segment of their buyer’s journey.

Chat bubble from a lead generation chatbot that says "Click here to start your mortgage application"

Knowledge base chatbot.

A knowledge base chatbot is integrated with your organizational knowledge base to handle all related inquiries. This can be used either externally or internally—answering customers’ FAQs or team members’ policy/org-related questions.

Chat bubble from a knowledge base chatbot answering a customer question. The bubble reads "Here is our size chart."

Customer service chatbot.

As the name implies, this type of chatbot provides an improved customer experience for the purposes of reducing attrition and increasing loyalty. They can be designed to handle simple or highly complex inquiries, and direct end users to the right department when necessary.

Chat bubble from a customer service chatbot that reads "I'd be glad to help you initiate the return process. Let's get started."

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