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Capacity Sub-Processors

by | Sep 7, 2023

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Capacity uses certain sub-processors to assist in providing Capacity’s services. A sub-processor is a third-party company engaged by Capacity to process data, which may include customers’ personal data (i) on behalf of Capacity customers; (ii) in accordance with customer instructions as communicated by Capacity (typically as set out in Capacity’s Services Agreement with its customers); and (iii) in strict accordance with the terms of a written contract between Capacity and the sub-processor.

Generally, Capacity contractually obligates its sub-processors to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that the sub-processing of data is protected to the standards required by applicable data protection laws. Further information relating to sub-processor security measures can be found via the external links below and by reviewing such sub-processors’ websites.

Where the engagement of a sub-processor requires the cross-border transfer of personal data, Capacity has performed transfer impact assessments for such data transfer or otherwise complied with applicable data protection laws.

Capacity maintains an up-to-date list of the names and locations of all sub-processors below. Capacity customers may check this page for updates to sub-processors.

Sub-processorApplicable Capacity Service(s)Subject matter of processingNature and purpose of processingLocation
AdobeMarketoClient personal contact dataClient SupportUSA
AWSInfrastructure Provider — all Capacity servicesPersonal data contained in communication and knowledge base sent through Capacity’s servicesInfrastructure Provider providing hosting services and storage.USA
BeamerProduct update notificationsCapacity account detailsNotifying clients of new features and updates, allowing submissions of product feature requests, NPSUSA
ClumioData BackupPersonal data contained in communications and knowledge base sent through Capacity’s servicesData Recovery SolutionUSA
DatadogLog MonitoringData LogsInfrastructure Status MonitoringUSA
Google LLCEmailPersonal data contained in emails.Email service providerUSA
HubspotSalesForceClient personal contact dataClient SupportUSA
LaceworkIDS Network DataNetwork SecurityUSA
MailgunPlatform Email FeaturesPersonal data contained in emailsRouting and transmission of emailsUSA
Maxio, LLCService InvoicesInformation contained in invoicesAutomated invoice deliveryUSA
OpenAIAI content generationClient queries sent through ChatGPT servicesOptional configuration for AI enrichmentUSA
SalesForceSalesForceClient personal contact dataClient SupportUSA
Sentry.ioPerformance MonitoringException loggingError tracking and performance monitoringUSA
Slack TechnologiesInstant messagingPersonal data contained in instant messages.Instant Messaging service providerUSA
Stripe, Inc.Credit card payment processing.Credit card processing informationCustomers submit information directly to Stripe for payment services.USA
TableauTableauData contained in analyticsData analytics functionality for clientsUSA
Userpilot, Inc.Self service activationPersonal data provided during product enrollment.Automated customer onboarding (checklists, popup guides) and user informationUSA
ZoomZoom Video and Audio DataClient SupportUSA
3NNUXCustomer SuccessCustomer organization configurationCustomer onboarding and supportPhilippines

Duration of processing: For each sub-processor above, processing of personal data will be for the duration that the customer uses and continues to use the applicable features of the Capacity platform, and for the retention periods as set out in customer’s agreement with Capacity.

Our Services Agreement: Capacity’s Services Agreement generally provides that Subscriber may authorize and provide access to the Platform and Platform Services (both as defined therein) to individuals, affiliates of Subscriber (including their users) or another entity (including its users) through Subscriber’s Account and as contemplated in Service Order(s) (“Users”) through a Subscriber account (“Account”). Subscriber is solely responsible for all use of the Account and all Services through the Account by each User.

Furthermore, in the Services Agreement, Subscriber represents, warrants, and covenants to Capacity (among other things) that: (i) it owns or otherwise has and will maintain sufficient rights in the Subscriber Data (as defined therein) to grant to Capacity the rights granted therein to access, use, disclose, store and process the Subscriber Data; and (ii) it has and will maintain the applicable permissions, authorizations, and consents (via its employee handbook privacy, policy or otherwise) for Capacity to access, use, disclose, store and process the Subscriber Personal Information and other Subscriber Data as permitted thereunder.